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Design Your Business With Data

After leaving Harvard, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss had the insight that women might rather rent high fashion items than own them. Fashion is expensive and has a limited shelf life. The two founders decided to start a company based on a simple idea – a woman should never have to wear the same outfit…

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Leaders, Take back Your Culture

  Guest post by keynote speaker Tim Sanders You are only as strong as the voices around you. You think you can resist their message, but you are only human, and will succumb to their tone eventually. Everywhere you turn, there are voices broadcasting gloom, doom and misery. Your attention might be trapped by current…

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Lior Arussy Interviewed on MSNBC's Your Business

Exceptionalize It: Excite Your Customers In order to get new customers, you need people to come away from an experience with your company wanting more. Also, it is important that the responsibility to excite your customers is felt by everyone on your team. In this week’s Getting Customers, Lior Arussy, Strativity Group founder and president…

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