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Lior Arussy Interviewed by 33Voices

Moe Abdou and Lior Arussy discuss how to rise up to the exceptional performance within organizations and as individuals. Exceptionalizing Your Customer Experience Have you tried to call your mobile phone provider lately?  How about your cable or satellite service?  If you have, chances are, you experienced a mechanical operator, long hold times, and a…

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If You Aren’t Using Your Data, It’s Just Taking Up Space

If You Aren’t Using Your Data, It’s Just Taking Up Space | Mike Walsh By Frank Konkel at Next Gov The government collects a lot of data. Tax records, financial transactions, census information, demographic intelligence and a myriad of other data sets on millions of American citizens make the federal government the largest data collector…

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Solve Problems, Don't Manage Channels | Mike Walsh

  The problem with today’s advertising industry is not what they do, but the way they sell what they do. Rather than solving your problems, they pitch fragmented solutions based on their own internal structures. You know the drill. Creative agencies want you to make expensive TV spots. Graphic design firms recommend that you update…

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