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Networking Tips from Tim Sanders

How Sales Kickoff Can Supercharge Your Ability to Close Complex Deals Next Year (Networking Tips) By Tim Sanders In 2000, I attended my first sales kickoff at Yahoo!.  Our company ( had been purchased by them, and I had just moved to California to lead a sales-enablement/swat team.  Little did I know at the time,…

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David Breashears Helps 3-D Movies Graduate to Adult Dramas

By DON STEINBERG Baltasar Kormákur, director of the mountain-climbing drama “Everest,” says it took a location-scouting trip halfway up Mount Everest, to a snowy base camp in Nepal, for him to appreciate that it might make sense to have his movie’s audience put on 3-D glasses. “I had a moment standing there where the volume of…

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