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The Art of Unteaching – Tim Sanders

The Art of Unteaching – Tim Sanders The Hammond couple was firm: “We want to follow the bond-heavy asset allocation ‘All Weather’ plan that Tony Robbins recommended in his book, Money: Master the Game.” They’d both attended his seminars and felt a strong connection to his perspectives. For their financial advisor, this flew in the…

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Brexit and the rise of the city-state by Mike Walsh

Brexit and the rise of the city-state by Mike Walsh Why the fight for the future between millennials and boomers is only half the story Britain’s fateful decision to leave the EU has been cast as a bitter split between young and old. It’s an old tune: selfish baby boomers squatting on the future, at…

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Standing Ovation for Michelle Ray

Standing Ovation for Michelle Ray Michelle Ray received a standing ovation for her Lead Yourself First!  presentation at the Metz Culinary Management Summer Leadership Conference, held at the Mohegan Sun Resort, PA. Focusing on their theme, “The Power of Relationships” Michelle presented to 300 General Managers, Divisional Leaders, Franchise Owners and Executives as the closing keynote…

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Your CMO Needs An Upgrade – Mike Walsh

Your CMO Needs An Upgrade by Mike Walsh Marketing might be rocket science, after all Being a CMO will be one of the most interesting, but also one of the toughest jobs in the 21st century. Consider the context: consumer behaviour is changing faster than the planning cycle of marketing campaigns, marketing technology is becoming…

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PODCAST EP. 016: COLLABORATION IS THE DEAL With Tim Sanders by Terry Weaver On this episode of “Making Elephants Fly,” Terry sits down with Internet Pioneer, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Leader, and one of the best guys on the planet…Tim Sanders. Tim was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s and later joined Yahoo…

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