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Oscars Mix Up: The Promise of Being Present – Jason Hewlett

Following the biggest gaffe in Academy Awards history, PricewaterhouseCoopers launched a full investigation into the mix-up of the Best Picture envelope mishap.   (I was so wrapped up in what had happened from a Stage Performer’s perspective that I blogged HERE the night of the incident)   It was revealed there are two of the same…

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Daniel Kraft on data, machine learning and the future of healthcare – Mike Walsh

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. I met him some years ago at the Singularity University, where he was chair of the Medicine Track. Daniel is also the Executive Director of Exponential Medicine, a program that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare.…

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For many companies the Cloud has changed the way they use software. For a fortunate few, it has completely changed the way they do business. In the last quarter of 2016, Amazon made $3.53 billion in revenue from its Cloud business, up 47 percent from the same time last year. That division now accounts for more…

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The Promise at Home – Jason Hewlett

In speaking on The Promise to corporate attendees, one of the principles is The Family – AKA The Team. We all work as a Team, succeed as champions as a Team, sometimes share the sorrows of loss as the Team. That is why I call it The Family.  Because once you’ve been through so much…

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The Retro-Tech Revival – Mike Walsh

I still can’t quite get my head around it, but for some consumers, it seems that the future of technology lies in its past. Ancient feature phones, 8-bit video game consoles and even cassette players are all making a comeback. So is the retro-tech trend just sad Gen X’ers trying to relive the glories of…

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One of The Biggest Keys to Influence & Charisma – Ty Bennett

We all know someone who is charismatic. They have a charm that can inspire devotion in others. My question is: What creates that type of Charisma? What produces that type of presence? One of the biggest keys to influence and charisma is being genuinely happy for other people’s success. When someone achieves something great –…

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