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Ascending to the Heavens on Crutches

Insights from Inca By Keynote Speaker Yossi Ghinsberg We landed in Lima an odd group of 35 people and drew attention at the airport as we made a lot of noise. Israelis speak loudly and with passion. To the uninitiated it seems they are about to explode! What made us odder was the way we…

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Here’s to the AHA Moments and Crushing it as an Events Coordinator

In Step with Event Guru Ashley Goodman In a world where high-impact speakers and world-savvy thought leaders wow crowds and create shifts for audiences around the globe, it’s the smart organization that realizes the BIG impact that every member of their team can have on their bottom line business and the relationships with their customer…

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Seventeen Years in the Making

How One Speaker Kept the Faith, and Delivered on The Promise Fresh off his recent closing keynote at The Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) Annual Conference, Keynote Speaker Jason Hewlett, received a standing ovation from the more than 15,300 audience members and realized the cumulation of a vision and goal set in 2001 when he embarked…

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In What Ways Are You Like Hemingway?

I’m writing to you from Key West, FL. When people think of Key West they mostly think of key lime pie, which I am sorry to say, I can’t even stomach. However, when I saw on my calendar I was booked to be in Key West I thought of only one name: Hemingway! About a…

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