For Speakers

Managed by cmi

When you are managed by cmi, you are freed up to do the things you should be doing. It is our job to run your business so you can focus on creating new ideas for your presentations, honing your platform skills, writing books and/or articles, blogging, developing video programs, focusing on other business interests…and having a life.

Founded by Karen Harris in 2001, cmi provides a full menu of services to speakers: coaching & mentoring, sales & marketing, calendar management, contracting, invoicing and event management. Karen hand-picks our speakers, focuses on getting to know you over a period of time and when we add you to our family, your interests will be foremost in our minds. Karen is known within the global speaking industry as one of the top managers for speakers. She is on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Speaker Bureaus and is responsible for the strategic development of “Telling the Story” for the Association.

Here’s what you can count on from cmi.

Sales & Marketing – Our extensive relationships with bureaus, production companies, meeting professionals and corporate executives has earned us the reputation of being the premier management agency they can turn to for their speaking needs. When our speakers are fully engaged in their speaking business, along with our efforts and reputation, cmi produces results.

Our Niche – Our management company specializes in working with speakers who need help to manage all the business coming in the door and who want to grow their business in fee or volume. Generally, when we take on a new speaker there is some business to manage, on average at least a dozen quality speaking inquiries per month.

Prior to Inviting a Speaker into the cmi Family

The cmi team will research your internet presence, assessing your books, articles, blog, social media, videos and media exposure. We never commit to working with a speaker until Karen Harris has met them in person and seen them present. Over and above getting to know you as a person, she will ask for some detailed information about the current status of your business.

  • Which speakers are you similar to?
  • Who is your strongest competitor(s)? Who do you lose business to?
  • Number of inquiries per week/month
  • Number of bookings YTD and for the last 3 years
  • The percentage that are direct and through bureaus
  • Average speaking fee of each year’s bookings
  • Which bureaus are booking the speaker
  • Which bureaus have put the speaker on hold but not booked
  • Average # of bookings per month
  • Current speaking fees
  • The amount and type of marketing the speaker has done to help generate bookings
  • Future marketing plans

“Karen Harris is not only the best, most experienced speaker manager in the industry, she’s a world class human being who always has her speaker’s and colleagues best interest in mind. She and her team at CMI are true professionals that speakers, bureaus and clients can count on to handle needs and opportunities with grace and class, never missing a moment to be of service or make a difference. Karen has built CMI into the GO TO Speaker Agency in the industry, and I’m grateful every day to be a part of her team!”

– Robyn Benincasa

“I’ve been speaking in Australia quite extensively for the last 2 years and I wanted to grow my speaking business into the U.S. After working with Karen and her team for the last 6 months, I’ve already got 11 events locked in for 2016 and over 10 hot holds! The CMI team are super driven and I really feel incredibly lucky that I have such an amazing team backing my speaking career. In such a short time Karen has become more than just a manager, she’s become a great friend. I can’t wait to grow the business together!”

– Vinh Giang

“Karen Harris and the entire team at CMI have been the perfect partners. They have increased my bookings, built strong relationships with Bureaus, and helped me to shape my marketing and my message! True professionals!”

– Ty Bennett

“In my opinion Karen Harris is one of the best in the business at Speaker Management. She is highly respected by speaker agents in the US, Canada and Internationally. When Karen calls a speaker’s agency like ours and says she has a great new speaker we sit up and pay full attention. Over the years she has brought us speakers we had never heard of and with Karen’s advice and coaching those speakers have become a major part of our business. cmi under Karen’s leadership has gone from being just a supplier to a great partner in our success.  Wonderful person to work with and brilliant at helping a speaker develop their brand.”

– Derek Sweeney, The Sweeney Agency