Giving Back

cmi’s Contribution to the World

GivingBackIn 2001, our President, Karen Harris, traveled to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. She thought her experience was going to be ‘just climbing a mountain’; it turned out to be a life-changing experience. She saw abject poverty, children living in cardboard shacks, young men carrying 100 lbs on their heads up the mountain for $ 2.00 a day. Yet at night and in the morning, she heard the guides and the cooks happily singing while they worked. She was awestruck by how happy they were and witnessed a closeness of community and family that truly touched her heart. When she got home, she vowed to support the people in third world countries who have so much less than we do and yet so much more.

On behalf of each of our speakers, we sponsor a child through various organizations chosen by our Founder, Karen Harris: World Vision, Compassion Canada and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

In our speakers’ names, we make a monthly contribution to the child’s welfare as well as an annual contribution for the child’s birthday. Currently, our children are located in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Ghana.

  • Anobar in the Philippines
  • Shrey in Cambodia
  • Shirazu in Ghana
  • Dewi in Indonesia
  • Happness in Tanzania
  • Natthawut in Thailand
  • Myra in the Philippines
  • Lavanya in India
  • Rodela in Bangladesh
  • Shepard M in Zimbabwe
  • Mark Jay in Philippines
  • Juliet in Ghana
  • Kenneth in the Philippines