The Highest Form of Leadership™

Today’s organizations want leaders who can innovate. Explore diversity. Cultivate creativity. Foster a culture of positive change. Nurture cohesiveness. Define accountability. And bring their highest and best selves to the table each day. When they do? Employee engagement soars. Exponential growth is possible. Collaboration gets exciting. And productivity and profitability skyrocket.

Business Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein shares game-changing strategies with audiences that help clearly define core values, connect them to every member of an organization, and make them the driving force behind every decision. Sam’s ability to help companies build rock-solid foundations and cut through the clutter and noise of distractions to provide crystal-clear vision for their future is part of why he gets invited back again and again.

It’s no longer enough to have a mission statement hung on a wall. Sam teaches business professionals from every level to take ownership of their company’s mission and vision and weave them throughout every facet of their company culture, business processes, customer connectivity, and communication. It is only when all of these components are working in tandem that a company can achieve their highest form of leadership™. Ready to take YOUR team to its highest level? Invite Sam in for your next event.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Leverage the power of cultural values
  • Connect your culture to your people
  • Use your values to drive all decisions
  • Inspire accountability in your organization
  • Develop an innovate approach to leading your culture

The Accountable Leader's Guide to Change

Change is an integral part of our world. The ability to get ahead of it, manage it, or initiate it for any organization falls squarely on the shoulders of leadership. Focusing on what people do won’t cut it anymore. Truly accountable leaders instead turn their focus on changing the way people THINK.

Business Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein shares groundbreaking insights and tools that allow leaders to strategically create a culture that values active and thoughtful change. He teaches them how to cultivate and develop leadership with every member of their team, how to communicate with purpose, motivate with mission, and empower every tier of their team to embrace change and use it to drive productivity and engagement.

With humor and heart, Sam brings audiences together to best understand what a powerful catalyst change can be for positively growing business, redefining relationships, and letting go of the status quo. Leaders who meet change head on and make it their partner, drive momentum and deliver results. Invite Sam in to your next event to show your leadership team exactly how they can do the same.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Become and develop Accountable Leaders
  • Communicate more purposefully utilizing The Terms of Change™
  • Identify the “Change Categories” all people fall into and how to motivate each person successfully
  • Empower your team so that they drive change for you
  • Master the one thing every leader must believe if they are going to effectively create an organization that thrives through change

The Art of Being Accountable

It’s time to show workplace excuses the door. Often people make excuses out of over-commitment, lack of understanding, or poor time management. In a world where there are more resources available than ever before – it’s time to get to the bottom line.

Business Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein, founder of the Accountability Movement™, brilliantly lays out the relationship between what we value and what we can control and illuminates the strategies, mindsets, and tools necessary to eliminate excuses from our lives personally and professionally.

Sam expertly helps audience members navigate change as they explore the old habits, patterns, and thought-processes that hold them back and set them up for excuses. Then he challenges them to create crystal-clear vision, values, and goals to better realize their full potential. Remove the obstacles and excuses for your team by inviting Sam in to speak at your next event.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eliminate excuses and focus on results
  • Discover their foundational, relational, professional and community values
  • Connect their values to the art of living an accountable life
  • Use their values to drive all decisions
  • Expect more of themselves and deliver on their potential

The Power of Keeping Commitments… No Matter

What does it look like when EVERY member of your organization keeps their commitments? When truth and value are held in highest esteem? It looks like next level success. It feels like positive momentum. It lays the foundation for creativity and ground-breaking change.

It’s exactly what Business Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein delivers in this empowering session. In it, Sam shares truths about the most powerful change agent in existence, which has the capacity to transform your organizational culture, create accountability and help your team adopt the Highest Form of Leadership™.

You’ll walk away with highly effective tools to build trust, enhance leadership growth, develop more meaningful relationships, and truly come together as a cohesive team. There’s never been a more important time to create a shift in culture and commitment. If you’re ready to change the game for your organization, invite Sam in to speak at your next event.

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Build massive trust through The Ten Commitments of Accountability
  • Keep commitments and show others how to do the same
  • Develop as an impactful leader
  • Connect your values with your commitments
  • Create a stronger culture based on commitments and values


Applying Your Values
Culture by Design
How to Drive Performance
What Core Values Do For Your Bottom Line
No More Excuses
Building an Accountable Culture
Leaders Help People Be Accountable
Building an Accountable Culture
No More Excuses
Culture by Design
How to Drive Performance
What Core Values Due to your Bottom Line


About Sam

Leadership keynote speaker, Sam Silverstein is one of the World's Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals. This best selling author on leadership, shows organizations how to innovate their culture, live their core values and inspire accountability throughout the entire operation.

As a former executive and business owner in manufacturing and distribution, Sam led a team of 175 employees. During his tenure, the company grew organically by 475% over 12 years, with total sales over $100 million attracting a Fortune 500 company to purchase the enterprise.

Today, Sam writes, speaks, and consults with organizations around the globe inspiring them to think differently, work with renewed purpose, and achieve record-breaking results. He works with entrepreneurs, multi-national companies, corporations, and government agencies to drive increased engagement and productivity.

The author of seven books including No More Excuses, No Matter What, Non-Negotiable, Making Accountable Decisions, and The Success Model, he is the founder of The Accountability Movement™, an organization focused on building powerful communities filled with like-minded people who know and live their values and honor their commitments. To that end, Sam hosts Accountability Roundtables™ inspiring and challenging the people in these communities to think differently.

Sam’s mission is to empower people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business, and to thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivate an organizational culture, and inspire both individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth.

Originally from Atlanta, Sam has a Bachelor’s Degree in business from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Washington University. He is a Past President of the National Speakers Association. Sam is married with four children and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.


One of my top 3 speakers ever!


“Awesome speaker at our Spring Leadership in Wichita - one of my top 3 speakers ever! Sam has a focus on being Accountable for every decision in every aspect of your life.”

Jim McAnarney, WIN

Sam’s style, presence and connection with the audience was a grand slam!


“Sam delivered a concrete message to our international audience of very accomplished folks – Sam’s style, presence and connection with the audience was a grand slam!”

Nancy J. Martini, PI Worldwide

Inspiring, funny and one of the most entertaining I’ve ever heard.


“Sam's keynote address was inspiring, funny and one of the most entertaining I’ve ever heard. I have received numerous comments from attendees and they seem to agree that it was one of the best ever! Coming from this group, that is quite a compliment.”

Executive Director, Optimists International


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Sam Silverstein Introduction

Global Gurus recently announced Sam Silverstein (pronounced Silver-steen) as one of the World's Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals.

Sam’s research into why some companies have an incredible culture that inspires people to be accountable and produces highly profitable results has led him to work with such organizations as Kraft, PetSmart, Pfizer and the The Mayo Clinic.

Today he will be talking with us about The Highest Form of Leadership.

Please help me welcome, Sam Silverstein. (Pronounced Silver-steen)

Sam Silverstein Technical Requirements

NOTE: Sam brings a USB memory stick containing his PowerPoint presentation.

Please provide the following for Sam Silverstein:

  • Wireless LAPEL microphone OR Wireless HEADSET
  • Sam can provide his presentation slides in advance if required.


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    Sam Silverstein: The Accountability Movement & Expert on Workplace Culture
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    Sam Silverstein – Why Successful People Love Accountability

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What happens when the way we have always done things isn’t working? What happens when change is necessary but we seem stuck in a pattern? What happens when a situation needs a leader, or in this case, leaders?

Each year gun violence in schools is rising. There are more reported incidents of children being harmed in schools than ever before. There does not seem to be an end in sight. What happens now?

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