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Cary Mullen Introduction

(Read this as though you wrote it and have fun)

Here at ___________, we are on the constant lookout for ways to get even better at what we do. Our speaker, Cary Mullen, has done ‘anything’ but tiptoe through life. As a two-time Olympian, and World Cup Champion, he has lived on the edge as a competitive ski racer representing Canada throughout the world.

Just like us, Cary believes in doing things Smarter, Faster, and Better. In fact he set the world Downhill speed record, on the world’s most famous ski course – in Kitzbuel, Austria. This downhill record still exists today at an amazing speed of 97mph (That’s 151 km/h in Canadian)! (I don’t even drive my car that fast anymore.)

Cary Mullen is the author of the book, titled “HOW to WIN”- Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions. Since retiring from Sport he has expanded his real estate development company internationally. As President, Cary leads a team of over 300 people. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of top leaders and sales teams. His firm is currently building over 200 condominiums on the beach in Mexico. (Sounds wonderful.)

Cary and his wife Kristina have three children, so it’s a busy house.

(*) Here is some ski footage of Cary and some of his comrades. Let’s watch it on the screen.

Please welcome CARY MULLEN!!

Cary Mullen Technical Requirements

NOTE: Cary’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images and video, all embedded into his Keynote deck that he runs from his Macbook Pro. Due to the custom nature of his presentation, it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide them prior to the presentation. He recommends allowing at least 30 minutes testing time prior to the event.

Cary’s laptop needs to be plugged into the LCD projector, your power and sound system. Cary brings the Mac converter required for your LCD. Cary’s laptop will act as a monitor if none is provided. Cary brings his own wireless remote and prefers to do all of his own cueing (there are over 100 clicks).

  • One (1) lavaliere microphone (cordless, remote)
  • Extra-large screen – as large as the room can hold
  • Rear or top projection preferred
  • Screen angled in the room will also work
  • LCD projector for Multi-Media presentation
  • 1600 Lumens Minimum
  • Riser lit by wash (or spot) to ensure no bleeding on to the screen
  • Riser for audiences of 100 or more
  • 2 to 3 foot riser is best
  • Small table, 6 feet in front of stage, for Cary’s laptop
  • Table needs access to electrical power, the LCD projector and the sound system
  • If a lectern/podium is being used by the MC, please ensure it is stage left or right, as Cary moves across most of the stage
  • Meet with AV technician(s) for a ‘rehearsal’ of laptop setup


  • Cary’s multi-media has a resolution of ‘1024 X 768′ – please ensure your projector is compatible
  • If IMAG is being used, please contact Cary’s Event Coordinator in advance to discuss cueing –
    or toll free at 877-307-7403, x 12

Seating Preferences:

  • 1st choice – theatre or classroom
  • 2nd choice – “U” or “V” shape
  • 3rd choice – round table

Video or Audio Taping Cary Mullen’s Presentations
Cary Mullen is happy to have his presentation video or audio taped for internal and non-commercial use. Written permission must be acquired from Cary’s management team prior to the event. Copyright and intellectual property rights of the recorded session belong solely to Cary Mullen. In lieu of payment for the use of his copyrighted material, Cary requires a MiniDV or DV-Cam of the video recording and/or a DAT of the audio recording.