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Reviews of Cary Mullen

Accessible and Very Engaging


We got great feedback on Cary Mullen. He touched on the right messaging to correlate with the Imperva SKO theme of Elevate, was accessible and very engaging.

Uplifting Message and Personal Challenge

:: Gregory T. Troy, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of Kaman Corporation-DBBEEkSyT3nWFlcX00XCpTz7d4m5C65cwlAbLV5XmA

The feedback we have received from your talk with us is so positive and motivating. I think you ended our two days together with an uplifting message and personal challenge, so my appreciation is in order.
As I mentioned as we walked out of the dinner, I would love to have you back when we have reached another revenue milestone—it will be something for us to look forward to.

Thank You for Reminding Me That I Can Have An Impact

:: Deb Broderick, Store Manager/Design Lead of ​LoveSac​

Thank​ you for your wonderful presentation that you gave to me and my colleagues at LoveSac this past week. It was especially meaningful for me since I am facing some new challenges as well as a new role at LoveSac in the next couple of weeks.

I had been feeling very apprehensive ​about​ the challenges that I will be facing and listening to you made me realize that it truly is “Control what you can control.” I took to heart what you presented to us and left feeling that I can accomplish anything and everything that lies ahead for me here at LS.

I have a new attitude and won’t be hanging around the net. Only I can limit myself.

So, I wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for your words of inspiration. ​ I have already arrived home and up went that post-it note with my goal on it and with any luck I will be able to achieve it as you have. I believe I can have an impact and thank you for reminding me of that.

  1. your book is fabulous!!

CTSUxqUznHAJBw4uNyozELs-aerIHVJhAnj6xLrWGbsAll Other Speakers Referred To Cary’s Messages

:: Mary Kiley , of ON CUE Marketing Studio

What a hit! Starwood gives him five stars on a five-star scale!!! Really, he was the perfect start to their meeting. Can’t compliment him enough. Such a great guy, exceptional speaker – and his messages were right on the money. In fact, every single speaker incorporated them into their presentations the next day! Plus he was so great with all of the attendees when he was signing autographs and having his picture taken with them. He treated everyone so well.

I Would Highly Recommend Cary To Any Organization

:: Rene Street , Executive Director of America Business Women’s Association

We hired Cary a few years ago and he was excellent.  I would highly recommend him to any organization.

As Expected, the Feedback Has Been Outstanding

:: Michele Saran, Executive Director, Business Events Canada / Directrice exécutive, Événements d’affaires Canada of Business Events Canada / Événements d’affaires Canada

As expected the feedback has been outstanding. The clients loved your presentation and my boss said he has never heard a speaker weave our messaging through their talk better than you. I know several clients were saying they would love to book you so I expect you’ll see some business out of this for the future.

Best Motivational Speaker We’ve HadAGJf0kozs9G89Qv1EeLvI2t2Nwn8tzTXvf8EfEacxGI

:: Don Anderson, Commercial Sales Manager of Bridgestone

We’ve had a lot of motivational speakers in the 13 years I have been with Bridgestone; you are far and away the best one we’ve had. Thank you.

Cary Was the Highlight of Our Week

:: Jodie Gillon, of Teleflex, Inc.

Everything went very well and everyone loved Cary!  He was the highlight of our week!  Many thanks to all of you for your help!

Inspirational Message Applies to Professional and Personal Goals

:: Sarah Cedarland, Communications of Moneytree, Inc.

Cary Mullen recently was asked to speak at the Annual Managers Conference for Moneytree, in Bellevue Washington. He spoke on how to Achieve! Setting and accomplishing goals in a dynamic and highly competitive environment.

The client shared that “His inspiring message really resonated with our attendees, and we’ve received tremendous feedback from Team Members who attended.” The atendees’ feedback includes:
“I thought Cary Mullen was OUTSTANDING!”
“Cary Mullen was very inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his story. His story really re-emphasizes to never fear no matter whether it’s personal or business.”
“I absolutely loved our speaker Cary Mullen. He kept me captivated and was very inspirational. It’s nice to not only apply some of his tips in my professional life but also my personal life as well.”
“I thought Cary was a great speaker.  I also liked that he will be sending a presentation to me that I can share with my team.”
“Cary Mullen was extremely inspirational!”

Cary Mullen Yourself and Go For It!

:: Paulina Bogusz, of Pizza Nova

Cary was brilliant and it is so visible that he is so passionate about his work. A couple co-workers and I actually coined a phrase and decided that we would “Cary Mullen” ourselves if there was ever something we want but are too scared to do it… “Cary Mullen yourself and just go for it”. He really got to me and I could tell by scanning the room he reached the audience.

Book Cary Once, and You will Want him Multiple Times

:: Tom Lipski, President of Accelerent

We recently engaged Cary to speak to a diverse group of senior executives in the Washington, DC area.  He did an excellent job of connecting with our partners, while telling his inspirational story.  We were so pleased with his presentation that we have engaged him to speak at our Baltimore event next month and plan to use him again in Nashville, Kansas City, Phoenix and Indianapolis. Thanks again for your positive interaction, you did an outstanding job and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

The Team Spoke About You All Week

:: Renee’ Barber , Regional Sales Manager- North Central of SimplexGrinnell, A Tyco International Company

Brad Heckert and I would like to thank you for addressing our sales team this past week.  The team spoke about you the rest of the week…and a number of them have identified “lunge forward” as something they are going to do when they return back to their offices.  The team was inspired by the stories you shared and I believe will be able to see things differently based on their engagement with you.

Ski Story Weaved Into Our Business Strategy

:: Paul Escudero, Chief Financial Officer, Orange Capital Management of First Allied Securities, Inc.

Thank you very much for your incredible presentation at the First Allied conference in San Diego. Your story and teachings from your life were amazingly spot-on for our business. I could go on for an hour on how you weaved your ski story to our business strategy shortcomings and victories. And then to finish with your red ski boot was the best!!  Again thank you for a memorable moment that will stay with me personally and professionally for a very, very long time.

We recapped the FASI conference with our 15 guys last Friday. I explained to the guys who missed Cary how: 1) if you are an expert at something make sure you review and improve (perfecting the worst way to jump), 2) after you identify the improvement do not quit the new way of doing business because It’s uncomfortable (80% of the guys went back to the old way of jumping) and 3) stick to the new way of doing business no matter how hard or difficult things appear (the picture of Cary’s jump when he broke the record). And most importantly, when you are scared or uncomfortable – lunge forward!!

Cary Was A Big Hit

:: Lester Helm , Vice President of SagePoint Financial

Just an FYI. Cary was a big hit.

I Would Certainly Use Cary Again For Our Company

:: Scott A. Fawcett , President & CEO of Springs Window Fashions, LLC

“Cary’s great journey through life and his ascension to the pinnacle of his sport are packaged, and presented in an exceptional way.  Cary easily and appropriately ties his experiences, challenges and accomplishments to those of everyday life, family and business.  He simplifies the enabling strategies to overcome the challenges so the audience can digest and relate for their future benefit.  The presentation is fun, fast paced, and motivating.  Our group was fascinated by the uniqueness of the sport of down hill ski racing.  Down hill ski racing isn’t the typical sport, but everyone related very easily.  I would certainly use Cary again for our company, and would recommend considering Cary for one of your events.”

Cary Created Buzz Throughout the Evening

:: Derrick Drinnon, National Account Manager of Merck

Thanks so much for recommending Cary to speak at the Webster NSM. Cary’s message and energy were contagious and the group continued to buzz throughout the evening following the presentation.
All feedback from the group was very positive and we will follow up with an opportunity for the reps to receive a copy of Cary’s book.
Thanks again for all the help and support throughout the process.

Cary’s Presentation Was Fantastic!

:: Carley Drake, Project Analyst, ISD of HSBC Financial

Cary’s presentation was fantastic! The audience loved it and definitely carried the message all the way through the remainder of the conference which was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much for all of your help and for securing Cary! Thanks for the instructions below. I have provided to the audience members today so you should be getting some responses in shortly! Again thank you so much!

Cary’s Message was Inspirational

:: Peter Longo, of LifeLabs

Cary’s presentation was excellent. His message was clear, he engaged with the audience, and his timing was impeccable. On a personal note, he made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes. Given LifeLabs has undergone significant change over the last year, Cary’s message was inspirational. His ability to draw on his experience as a high performing and successful athlete and how it relates to the opportunities and challenges that we face at LifeLabs was amazing. Thanks to Cary and CMI for an overall great experience.

Not Only was His Speech Spot-On…

:: Carol Burns, of Farm Family Insurance

Everything went great with Cary. Not only was his speech spot-on (he incorporated our audience’s profession in with his sport quite nicely), but he also spent a little bit of time the previous evening and the following afternoon meeting with our agents, which they appreciated.

That Extra Effort is What Makes You So Successful

:: Dennis Flannigan, of SpeakerCraft

Cary, I just got home and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation today.  You did a great job explaining how you pushed yourself, lunged, and accomplished more than you hoped.  That extra effort is what makes you so successful and I appreciate your sharing it with me and everyone else at SpeakerCraft.

In An Outstanding Five Days of Great Speakers Cary Mullen Stood Out

:: Tony Gordon, of Million Dollar Round Table

In an outstanding five days of great speakers Cary Mullen stood out.  It is not just his message, which on its own is uplifting; it is his delivery, his personality & his energy.  If your meeting is an “eight” he will turn it into a “ten”.  If it is already a “ten” then he will send it off the charts.  In all my years of attending meetings & listening to great speakers Cary is just about the most complete package, truly outstanding.

The Perfect Speaker with the Perfect Message

:: Tracy Garrity, of Bard Peripheral Vascular

Excellent recommendation – he was perfect for this group. Thank you. After he spoke, the VP of Sales told me that he was the perfect speaker with the perfect message for this year. He was so easy to work with and everyone loved him. He received a standing ovation from the group.

Nothing but Praise for Cary Mullen’s Presentation

:: Jody Vickers, of Bard Peripheral Vascular

I have nothing but praise for Cary Mullen’s presentation.  All our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Cary’s presentation and remarks.  He was very easy to work with, professional and very appreciative.  His speech was definitely motivating and interesting.  We especially liked the way he weaved information he collected from Mike Terlizzi regarding our business and sales force into his presentation.  Cary was a great way to end our meeting on a high!

I Sure Hope cmi speaker management has More Rock Stars Like Him

:: Pamela White, of Associated Network Partners, Inc.

Thanks to Cary I have a HUGE problem. He set the bar so high – I’m not sure I can find someone to top him! His dynamic presentation and enlightening philosophies just made my job harder because now my customers are going to expect another Cary Mullen at each meeting. Seriously – he was fabulous! Kind, genuine, engaging and definitely inspiring. I sure hope CMI Speaker Management has more rock stars like him in their portfolio because it is time to start planning for next year’s meeting, and like I said Cary is going to be tough to top.

You Were Able to Convey the Essence of Winning

:: Dave Ayres, of Steve Meyers & Association

Cary, you were able to convey the essence of winning, which is to never give up and to keep trying to get better at whatever you do. I could never see myself making those steep runs on icy slopes – but you could even at eight years old. For my part, from about age 10 I wanted to be a pilot in the US Navy, and I achieved that. Needless to say, not everyone would want to fly jet fighter/bombers day and night from aircraft carriers; so I guess we’re even on picking challenging goals. Thanks for a great talk, and for showing the man behind the mask. You have a lovely family.

Cary was AWESOME

:: Lori Araiza, of Syntax Management Systems Inc.

Cary was AWESOME!!!! His presentation was a hit! Wish I could have allowed a little more time for him! Our customers loved him and so did our company and senior executives! See below for the survey results. Thanks so much for getting it all set up for us!

You Made a Huge Impression

:: Eric R. Andresen, of CA Apartment Association

I wanted to thank you again for giving our keynote address at the California Apartment Association Expo and Conference yesterday morning.  Your talk was not only fascinating, it was dynamic and stimulating, and definitely set the tone we wanted for the rest of the event.  I had dozens of people compliment me on your talk and thank me, and Lisa, for bringing you in to share your success and motivation.  My own staff is already walking around the office talking about Lunging Forward, so I know that you made a huge impression.  The rest of the day went extremely well, too, and the energy you generated lasted throughout the entire day.

Your Message Tied Perfectly to Our Overall Themes

:: Dana Brant, of TD Mutual Funds

Hi Cary:  I wanted to thank you again for a fabulous keynote address on Friday afternoon!  It was a great way to end our conference and your message tied perfectly to our overall themes for the conference and for how we want to conduct ourselves as we move forward!  Tim was very pleased and we both commented that we liked your expression “the prize lies on the other side of fear!”

He Was the Hit of the Convention

:: Mark Goff, of NASMD

Cary Mullen was a “home run”! He was great to work with in advance. We spent about an hour on the phone together a few weeks in advance talking about our industry, and it showed. He masterfully inserted the information into the appropriate spots & made the presentation “tailor made” for us. Our members gave him high marks across the board & I received MANY personal “congrats” & “thanks” for his session. He was the “hit” of the convention!

Above and Beyond Expectations with His Ability to Relate His Experiences

:: Simon Vincent, of Telus – Small Business Solutions

Every year we bring in an outside speaker to energize and motivate our sales team.  Not only did Cary engage and entertain our team, he went above and beyond expectations with his ability to relate his experiences as a world class athlete transforming them into relevant and excellent business lessons.  I could hear our sales team talking about Cary after the event and to me that’s the true sign of a winning presentation.  I would not hesitate to recommend Cary to any business or organization that is looking for a guest speaker and performance coach.

One of Those Speakers You Could Listen to for 2-3 Hours

:: Robin Seele, of Westar Energy

I never call right after the event, but I had to.  Cary Mullen…Man, he was good! I’ve heard a lot of speakers, astronauts, everything.  He is by far the best, he is outstanding.  Our group is tough to get people engaged, but he’s one of those speakers you could listen to for 2-3 hours.  He relates skiing to leadership… You’re going to have a tough time next year finding a speaker for us to top him.  He’s just a great speaker. If someone doesn’t like him, they won’t like anybody.

So Wonderful to Work With

:: Susan Hurford, of Washington Mutual

We’ve been on the road, so this message is delayed in getting to you. I wanted to ask if you could please send our biggest thanks to Cary Mullen for his time spent with WaMu. He was so great, so wonderful to work with, and the client loved him and his presentation.

Exceptional Speaker and Very Entertaining

:: Robin Peterson, of Coldwell Banker

Cary gave a very engaging presentation that included a combination of visual aids and excellent reallife examples. The presentation was very motivational for our sales associates and management team. Although Cary is not involved in the real estate industry, he was able to discuss the trials and tribulations that he faced as a world-class skier and relate it closely to performance recommendation for our sales associates.

Cary is an exceptional speaker and very entertaining at the same time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a motivational keynote presentation focused on success.

Employees Were Able to Take Something Away from His Presentation

:: Maureen A. McIntyre, of Wright Express Corporation

Cary’s presentation was awesome! He was energetic and had the attention of everyone in the room. Employees were able to take something away from his presentation and actually use it. Sometimes when you get a speaker, they are usually too far over the top and lose the attention of the crowd – Cary did not do that. His FEATS cards were great, as it will help reinforce what he presented.

You Have Made an Impact on Career and Personal Goals

:: Sherri Hartwell, Provider Solutions Sales Executive of Antek HealthWare, LLC

I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying your emails as well as your online course. You spoke at our National Sales Meeting on March 12th in Florida and I was so blessed by your message. I have been able to really break down some of my daily processes and concentrate on areas that I needed to grow in order to take my sales accomplishments to the next level. I have been the sales leader for 3 years here and this year had to start all over with a new territory. In the first quarter, my sales took a serious nose dive as I struggled to find footing in an untouched area. I am now starting to feel like I have a grasp on things again and your courses, book, and emails are giving me the confidence and encouragement that I need to keep at my ultimate goal and find focus on something that will push me through to obtain my dream! Thank you for your passion to help others through life and making the most of every situation and experience. You have really made an impact on not only my career goals but also on my personal goals and planning. I look forward to going through the rest of your modules and reading future emails.