Jason Hewlett - Rave Reviews

:: JEFF RUST | CEO – Co FounderCorporate Alliance
“I LOVE the new focus of Jason Hewlett the speaker.  His entertainment skills provide a unique hook for the audience to engage in the learning.  His ability to make people laugh, creates a heightened level of vulnerability, which opens the door for learning and retention.  I highly recommend bringing Jason in to speak.”
:: Jean Capon, Senior Program Manager, NRECA Education & Training

“Jason, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing keynote at the CONNECT conference two weeks ago! You were exactly what I was looking for to bring the conference to an end with a big bang. Wait, did I say “big”? I meant HUGE! You provided an unforgettable conference experience for all of us. The combination of belly laughs + amazing impersonations + a thought-provoking message are a dream come true for those of us who design these conferences. I have been doing this kind of work for many years and you are by far the best keynote I have ever hired. I am in awe of your talents and look forward to working with you again.”

:: Kevin Garduno, Attendee. ASMC

“Jason’s message exceeded my expectations and I left inspired to do better.”

:: Pam Sughira, Attendee, ASMC

“The way he presented his story along with performing his many talents made the topic of his speech so easy to listen to and reflect on how “The Promise” applies to your life. He really helped to understand and make me take a good look at myself to see if that’s how I was/am with my own kids, spouse, co-workers or anyone else in my life.”

:: John Grubb, Attendee, ASMC

“Jason’s message about the ‘audience’ affected me to the core. It improved the way I see myself at work and those I come in contact with. As an older employee, it hit home that the younger generation employees need me to mentor and teach, and they expect that. I might not know how to use all this
new fancy technology, but I can lead, pass on my experiences and explain the impact and consequences of our decisions. It also helped me understand that I can and do add value to the organization.”

:: Joe Betar, Executive Director, Houston Safari Club

“During our Gala, every person in the venue was laughing within 2 minutes. His talent, the variety of material presented and the level of audience interaction was perfect for our event. I highly recommend Jason for any event and any audience. He just may be America’s best kept comedy secret.”

:: Bill Gates

“Why have I never heard of you before? That was exceptional.”

:: Lahn B. Simmons, MassMutual

The best moment of any event I’ve ever attended came when I heard Jason Hewlett speak for the first time. With his unique ability to communicate a powerful message by making it memorable through entertainment is something that has to be seen live to fully appreciate.”

:: Peggy Larsen, Workers Compensation Fund

“Once again the evaluations are showing that the biggest hit and more valuable speaker of the conference was Jason. He really did make a difference with our people.

:: Orrin G. Hatch, United States Senator

“I can’t remember another performance or presenter that has so entertained and enthralled our audience over the years. You are a special speaker and messenger that I wish every American had an opportunity to enjoy.” 

:: Sandy Shoemaker of EKS&H

“The mix of entertainment, that was the highest caliber I’ve seen, I was laughing til I cried, and then crying I was touched by your message of The Promise, to family, team, caring for our clients.”

:: Mayor of Colorado Springs, CO, John Suthers

“I saw your show last year, for that reason we had you back, yet this year you integrated a powerful message of The Promise that resonated with our CSRBA event attendees that was just as fun as last year, but this time touched our hearts.  Love The Promise, amazing combination of message and entertainment, would recommend you to anyone.”

:: Bruce Turkel, Owner TURKEL Brands & Speaker

“If there’s such a thing as another life, I want to come back as Jason!”

:: Mark O. Haroldsen, Author & Speaker

Talented, entertaining, crazy, while being inspiring, profound, and sincere. Jason is the ultimate performer and a dear friend.”

:: Allison Baver, Olympic Medalist

“You’re funny, inspiring, and just took control of the stage. That was so cool to see you work. Thank you for the backstage prep help and the huge introduction.”

:: Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE, Speech Coach of the Stars

“You are gifted, hard working, a little nutty, and very humble. You have so much to offer with your message, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.”

:: Bobby Knight, Coach

“I’ve coached a lot of very talented young men, but I’ve never seen anyone with the talent you have. Keep doing what you’re doing, especially the message about America and keeping it great, that changes lives.”

:: Les Brown, Legendary Speaker

“Give Jason Hewlett a standing ovation. He is so gifted. I wish he could introduce me to the stage every time. I need to take him on the road!”

:: Shawn Achor, Best-Selling Author

“Who gets a standing ovation upon being introduced? That was the best introduction anyone’s ever given me. Jason, you are an incredible Emcee!”

:: Hank Smith, Best Selling Author & Speaker

“The stories, mixed with inspiration, and humor, voices, characters…incredible.”

:: Jeff Civillico, Las Vegas Headliner, Flamingo

“I consider him a mentor and a leader in the industry. If he wanted to have a show in Vegas he’d be the hottest ticket in town. Instead, he chooses to do a few corporate dates and be home with his family. Jason is one of my heroes.”