Mike Rayburn

International Keynote Artist Mike Rayburn Dares Us All to Ask “What if…?”

Mike Rayburn’s “What If…?” presentation inspires innovation, re-awakens your team’s natural creativity, re-news and harnesses their sense of life purpose, opens their minds to all they never knew was possible, and exhorts everyone to become the best at what they do, a master of the things that matter.

The message is simple, powerful and memorable like a great song hook that your team will learn and repeat throughout the conference. Oh, and it’s hilarious!

What If…?

This is the content to Mike’s award-winning “What If…?” keynote presentation, with Foreword by Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup For The Soul,” writer of “The Secret).

You’ll learn…

  • The MOST powerful motivational force on this planet (hint: it’s not power, money, or fame)
  • Three simple, powerful ways to access your gold mine of unrealized potential and become a possibility thinker.
  • How to set goals which propel you to unimagined success.
  • The power of your sense of purpose and how to harness it of exponential change.
  • The most basic human brain function and how to use it to for positive change.
  • How to stop majoring in minor things.
  • That managing change is not only stupid, it’s dangerous; the only way to manage change is tocreate change.
  • A 10-minute exercise that will show you how to become a virtuoso… a master of the things that matter.