Mike Rayburn - Rave Reviews

“The survey was a great tool as it told us that having Mike there really made the meeting. It was the best part! Next time we’ll forget all PowerPoint stuff!!”

  • Sprint

“MIKE WAS UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! He’s so inspiring! He blew my socks off!”

  • Hilton Hotels

“Mike Rayburn’s incredible talent, humorous delivery, stage presence and ability to connect with the group kept us all engaged and entertained. I cannot remember the last time one of our speakers concluded to a thunderous standing ovation like Mike did. I continue to receive “thank you” calls from our attendees on Mike’s behalf.”

  • Purina Mills

“As I sat and watched the people and faces in the crowd go from looking and whispering amongst each other to a full-blown, wide-eyed, edge of the seat excited evolution, I knew Mike had made a huge impact on the closing hours of this conference.”

  • Florida Automotive Trade Association

“In 30 years of our conference Mike is the best speaker we have ever had. He received a ‘pop out of the chair’ standing ovation from this discriminating audience!”

  • Calpelra

“OH My Gosh! What else can I say! It was incredible—I have been hearing from the employees allllll day and everyone wants an encore performance next year.”

  • Chemplex

“Mike Rayburn was the best keynote speaker we have had so far. That will be hard to top. What I liked best is he showed you how it applies to each one of us and how to do it.”

  • Moneytree, Inc.