Mike Walsh - Rave Reviews

Reviews of Mike Walsh

Brilliant and provocative.

:: CPHR BC and Yukon Conference and Tradeshow
  • Engaging, outstanding info-excellent
  • Brilliant and provocative. Mike is humble and dynamic, which is a weird combo but very compelling. Just about the best slide deck I’ve seen in ages. Appreciate relating material back to our profession.
  • Thought provoking. A great kick-off to the conference.
  • Fabulous speaker, engaging subject, perfect way to start the day.

It was incredible!

:: Clare Tries, Purchasing Manager, F12.net Inc.

It was incredible! This session re-ignited my passion and desire for change, and I will bring it back to the organization and relentlessly push for greatness.


:: Liz Crawford, Senior Vice President, Trade Shows & Events, RVIA

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feedback from the group was terrific!

Full of original insights and humour!

:: David Wilson, Grant Thornton International

Amazing!​ ​I have found that some futurists and speakers simply regurgitate other people’s work without much original thought. Mike’s session was the contrary – ​full of original insights and humour – ​it gave me a number of genuinely new insights. He was also on-point during the subsequent panel discussion and complemented the other speakers.

Incredibly diligent in learning about the top technology and business issues on the minds of our audience.

:: Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief, CIO 100 Symposium​

Mike was not only responsive and delightful to work with, but incredibly diligent in learning about the top technology and business issues on the minds of our audience of Chief Information Officers and IT leaders. Consequently, his presentation was beautifully tailored to CIOs and their concerns. They especially liked the way he included thought-provoking questions (his “mind grenades”) as well as “next action” ideas and concrete suggestions with each of the big concepts he covered in his talk. The presentation was fascinating in its variety, enhanced with short videos and gorgeous imagery, and his delivery throughout was conversational and entertaining. In all the uncertainty and challenges ahead for us all in the future, he was reassuring and upbeat. His closing remarks had a special resonance for our audience. “The future is not an upgrade on the present,” Mike told them. “It’s an invitation to think in an entirely new way.” That fresher perspective was actually what he delivered – and it was an outstanding way to kick off a conference that was all about innovation and business value.

He Was the Perfect Choice!

:: Jillian McCleary, Director of Communications, Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

Mike was amazing. We immediatley recieved comments that his keynote was dead on. It also reflected exactly the type of message that the Chamber is try to get across. He was the perfect choice!

Mike was AWESOME!

:: Communications Manager, ICMA

Mike was AWESOME! Everyone loved him and I have received nothing but great feedback. Thank you for sending this over to me.

Great Thanks

:: Marketing Coordinator – North America,  Temenos​

We’ve heard nothing but great things from Mike’s presentation today.

A Special Thanks to the Attention and Research You Conducted on Our IndustryTudSAdmi5i7UaxSzHvXsuwT-3-_n5mXjfQ2nJNNfstU,4g5kFDLWDHeWQ8O6z5UwPNn_yO0birY0rx0holcwK5U,n_CEbf_b23rz6ebZF2slf9ChXgaprEDS3bJMnKWISNU,TGHW3lo3nngwbXeSOOpUmIdNpxKcRpto06vZuCzE6NA

:: Tim Ronstadt , Regional Sales Manager – ESSA of Halliburton Landmark Innovation Forum

Mike you did an amazing job for us and we have had really great feedback. A special thanks to the attention and research you conducted on our industry to deliver an on-target message – you made me and Pom look really good in selecting you.

Simply Amazing!

:: Katy Meyer, Project Manager of Staples, Inc.

Simply amazing! Loved how Mike made the connection of simple human behaviors to marketing principles.

Perfect Blend of Serious Content and Light Humor

:: Cheryl Waldrup, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA) LLC

I just returned from the Management of Change conference in Cambridge, MD (ACT-IAC event).

Mike Walsh is very engaging, with the perfect blend of serious content and light humor.  His insights into our next generation of customers and employees was compelling and right on the mark.  His “mind grenades” were great takeaways that I will absolutely use at my 1,800-person company immediately.   I believe his content would be useful in almost every environment from a small start-up to a large, established business or government agency.

Rocked The House

:: Robert Smith, CMP, CMM, Senior Director of Meetings, The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council

All I can say about Mike is that he “Rocked the House.”  They loved him!!!  He did a fantastic job for us.  I saw him two years ago in Denver at PCMA and then again in Boston.  I knew ​he would be a perfect fit for ​our group.


:: Karolyn Graves-Rhodes, Executive Director of Incentive Sales at Wynn Las Vegas


What a Speech!!Brain stimulating on every level; your touch of humour and grounded approach to intellectual talk points were riveting. Thank you!

:: “Tiger” Ramesh Govindan, Chief Executive Officer of CSS Corp Pvt Ltd

Thank you very much for being with us at OneWorld and also delivering the Key Note address.​ What a speech!! We all loved it.

Substantive and Well Orchestrated

:: Peggy O’Keefe, Adjunct Instructor of New​ ​York University

Substantive and well orchestrated. Provocative questions raised – interesting insights. ​Integrated AV integrated shows you put time,​ effort and more thought than a lot of speakers do in​to​ customizing a speech​. ​Mike​ came across as personable and did not condescend to the audience. Well done and I am glad you are on my radar for thought leadership.

TlOyxO_P0GW0NrIAAhmJ9PwEjUTBEkTvGlDELxgG2Fs4hought Provoking and Entertaining

:: Jeff Boarini, Director, Creative Services, Operations of McDonald’s Corp

I was impressed on two levels. First, the content was thought provoking and delivered with a good sense of entertainment and audience awareness. Second, your graphics were well designed and executed. Well done. I was not planning on staying and came away with a lot of notes.

Minds Were Blown by Mike’s Presentation

:: Heidi Hovda, CTA | Director, Special Events & Social Media of Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau

Without a doubt, Mr. Walsh made an incredible splash in our community. Our guests’ minds were blown – just absolutely blown – by his presentation. It is still the talk of the town – and those that missed the event were definitely sorry that they did.

Full of Powerful Content

:: David Velazquez, VP Operations China of Mercedes Benz Financial Services

Very insightful and full of powerful content. Great way of engaging people in the topics and I really found the “next actions” as a very useful tool to turn the ideas into concrete follow up to drive change.

Interesting Perception on our Journey As a Society

:: Catherine Vissiere, Senior Marketing Manager of Microsoft

It’s nice to hit the pause button and reflect on us as individuals, the industry, and the world. I don’t get to do this enough leading the busy life I do, so your address gave me some reflective time and an interesting perception on our journey as a society. I loved the mind grenade concept, and loved the to-do’s associated with each of them.1PGcjlkbIhTuCTYhSbmb06tKbL3hvjiOTkT5lHktz4o

People First Before Developing Technology

:: Aaron Arvizu, Global Client Sales Director of Intel Corporation

Great job trying to get our industry to think about people first before developing technology. We are engineers at heart that just want to start building things, but many times we miss the mark.

Great Sharing from Mike on Preparing for the Future

:: Marcus See, Marketing Manager of SingTel

Great sharing from Mike on preparing for the future, how consumer (within and outside), cultural aspects, data harvesting/analysis, dual horizon view and many others inspire not just the individuals’ aspirations but also from a company perspective.

Fresh with Plenty of New Concepts and Ideas

:: Oscar Galvan, Owner of Grupo Calten Capacitacion

It was very fresh with plenty of new concepts and ideas for making better approaches with customers. A great experience, thanks!

Really Enjoyed the Session

:: Eleanor Marr, Public Affairs Manager of American Express

Really enjoyed the session, was particularly interested in the Closed Loop topic as this is one of American Express’ key benefits given we have visibility to the entire transaction process between a merchant and a customer.

Great Job Customizing Your Message

:: Sarah Michel, VP of Professional Connexity of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Amazing!  Loved it. Great job customizing your message for the meetings industry.

Well Customized, Beautifully Delivered, Great Message

:: Alison Jenks, SVP of FreemanXP

Really well customized, beautifully delivered, great message. We’d love to suggest Mike for future events.

I Very Much Appreciate the Thought Provoking Session

:: Darren Lu, President / CEO of Lunex Telecom

I very much appreciate the thought provoking session regarding future customers, digital revolution, and forces that shape future innovation.

A Wake Up Call to Prepare for Next Generation’s Needs

:: Ai Leen Yeoh, Head, Customer Analytics of RHB Bank

A wake up call for us to prepare for the needs of the next generation. I am glad the board of directors attended this session. Thank you.

Insightful and Entertaining

:: Morella Urbina, Director, Customer Services Organization Ops of Compuware

Insightful and entertaining at the same time, I loved the way you structured it, with concrete suggested actions. Useful ideas regardless of the business, so I suspect our customers will find great value in it.  You are an excellent speaker!

Mike Bridged IT Legacy Practices with the Future

:: Matthew Groom, Sr. Director of Luxottica

I was very pleased with how Mike bridged the IT legacy practices with the future (now) reality. All too often IT takes the technology centric view and Mike called us to action to engage our customers, not publish to them. The washing machine that cleans potatoes was hysterical too…

Some Amazing “Aha” moments for Me

:: Nikki Franz, Training Manager SA/NT of Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Loved the presentation and gained a greater understanding of the need for us to move forward quickly to engage our people and our customers. Some amazing “aha” moments for me.

Provocative Opening, Varied Pace and Media Throughout

:: Dana Doody, VP Communications of The Expo Group

Provocative opening, varied pace and media throughout kept me engaged, right on with messaging for the audience and specifically for me as I work in an agile, innovative company trying to teach our clients how to rethink, and not be happy with the status quo.

Very Inspiring…Challenged My Current Views

:: Daisy Kiran, Major Incident Manager of Optus

It was very inspiring and got me thinking in a way I have never thought to look. It challenged my current views and also engaged me to think beyond my beliefs. I could have listened all day.

Presentation Was Spot On

:: Bill Joyner, Vice President Corporate Banking of BBVA Compass

I thought the presentation was spot on. I wish my former industry, newspapers, would have embraced change much sooner…and would have implemented a much different strategy than is presently engaged.

One of the Best and Most Engaging Presentations

:: Shane Hinchliffe, Knowledge Manager of LinkWater

Stunning – one of the best and most engaging presentations I have witnessed!

Relevant and Provided Great Insight to Consider

:: Eric Duncan, Mobile Product Manager of ACI Worldwide

I think the presentation was relevant and provided great insight into things for the industry to consider.

The One Session That I Will Share and Use

:: Elaine Legault, Director, Production Services of Montreal Convention Centre

Impressed with the level of research you did to speak to the audience rather than deliver a generic message. Probably the one session that I will share and use because it gives a structure to driving innovation and thinking strategically.

Topic Was Very Relevant

:: Vish Krishnamurthi, Vice President of Eaton

I enjoyed your presentation, especially the part relating to the future trends and opportunities. I am part of a Premier Diversified Industrial which has presence in more than 150 countries. At the moment I am researching on what Social can do to an enterprise (like ours) and topic was very relevant.

Highly Informative

:: Sarah Mitchell, Marketing & Publicity Coordinator of Warner Bros. International

I found your session highly informative and reflective of my opinions on where the industry will have to head if they want to continue to be successful.

Inspiring and Content-Full

:: Istvan Kozari, Sales and Marketing Director of Origo Plc

It was inspiring and content-full. I especially liked your view on the closed loop of customer experience and the possibilities and understanding of much hyped but less utilized or monetized big data. Working at a media company, we also often struggle with how to scale and monetize the data available.

I Liked Your Premise of Customer Focused Innovation

:: Doug Farndale, Cloud Director of Cisco

Great session Mike, I liked your premise of customer focused innovation and finding out the “one thing” that would make the board spill their coffee. Cisco have the ASICs which will give us the access to the Big Data info you mentioned, we need to develop the capabilities to pass this info to our customers in a form they can use/benefit from. Appreciate & enjoyed your pptx!

Very Insightful

:: Joseph Dizeo, National Account Manager of Verizon Wireless

Very insightful. Loved the discussion of the future of mobile, integration of social media and the need to identify how to best use the telemetry from this to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Your Idealogy Is Imperative

:: Veda Iyer, Director – Business Development of Syntel

I completely agree with what you said – think big, smart, innovate, but more importantly think Quick..the future sure is now. Your idealogy on big data, next gen, mobility and the need to think customer experience is imperative.

Win With Customers in the Future

:: Steve Latham, SVP Emerging Partners of First Data

Great perspective to change the way we think to win with our customers in the future.

Excellent Presentation – Challenges Status Quo

:: Frances Tooley, COO of Financial Center FCU

Excellent presentation – challenges status quo and our ability to react and if possible predict where and what customers needs are.

Fantastic! Bravo!

:: Tim Gallati, Data Analysis & Usability Librarian of Qualcomm

Fantastic! It touched on 2 key aspects of my current professional role (enthnographic research in the tech space) and analytics/data/dashboards.

Thought Provoking and Reflected Our Corporate Thinking

:: Matina Zervos, Distribution Sector Marketing Manager of IBM

Great session – thought provoking and pleased to see our corporate thinking and investments in retail industry reflected in Mike’s presentation.

Transformed Trends in IT into Something Much More Useful

:: Fabrizio Alves, CEO of VANTIX Tecnologia, Brasil

Mike, you were awesome. You transformed the 5 big trends in IT into something much more useful for how to plan our companies. I’ve heard and read a lot about these trends but never with your focus.

Fantastic Theme to Explore

:: Jay Jarrett, Director Strategy and Transformation of Raytheon

Very well done! The cultural/anthroplogic dimensions as related to technology innovation is a fantastic theme to explore and to get people to ponder more in thinking about people’s behaviors, the root of them and how this impacts their adoption and use of technology (nudges us out of the US centric context).

Relevant for Me in My Every Day Work as a Leader

:: Knut Ingvar Eriksen, VP Technology/ CTO of Telenor

Hi Mike, Thanks for a very good presentation at the summit! You are pinpointing a number of observations relevant for me in my every day work as a leader.

A Dynamic and Thoughtful Seaker

:: Bryant Kirk, Chief Operating Officer of The Newport Group

Our company is in the process of launching an industry-leading digital experience and, as the opening speaker at our conference, we wanted Mike Walsh to set the stage for that. Not only did Mike come in early and spend a lot of time gathering an understanding of our business and technology, but he also tailored his presentation to our audience.
Mike went far above and beyond what is expected of a hired speaker. We appreciate the time he spent with us, the way he immersed himself in the experience of our conference, and the interest he took in our business and in the needs and the feedback of our attendees. Mike was great to work with and we would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone searching for a dynamic and thoughtful speaker.

Amazingly Fresh Presentation

:: Daniel Serraon, Category Insights Manager of Red Bull

Amazingly fresh presentation with tons of thought leadership and practical actions to take the next step in evolving our teams.

Global Perspective Quite Helpful

:: Lenny Rhee, Director of Corporate Strategy of AT&T

…found the global perspective quite helpful, particularly in understanding the role of anthropological/cultural nuances in the customer perspective.

Mike Brought the Conference to a High Energy, Thought-Provoking Close

:: Amy Czyrka, User Community Director of Compuware

Amazing! Mike was the perfect anchor to bring the conference to a high energy, thought-provoking close. He had the attention of everyone in the audience. The post-conference survey has shown Mike was one of the most valuable speakers. When I went through the search for the conference speaker, I was thrilled to put his name in front of the General Manager of my business unit. Mike had another company that was looking at him for the same date but we swooped in and put a firm commitment on his calendar. I feel sorry for the other company that let him slip away. Not really  their loss was our gain. Thanks Mike!


:: Michele Gough, Director, IT Service Management of AmerisourceBergen

Amazing! Mike made me think about how we can look at service to our business differently. I just emailed our CIO with some ideas and he got right back to me and said “DO IT!”

For Any Company That Wants to Remain Relevant and Embrace Change…

:: Gabrielle Diogo, Sr. Analyst Nat’l Sales Operations & Events of Verizon Wireless

For any company that wants to remain relevant and embrace change – Mike’s presentation will be of benefit. Mike’s presentation was thought provoking and very engaging. He provided examples that left us with some great take aways which we’ve already started to implement in our daily work lives. I would highly recommend him.

Mike Was a Hit…Pure and Simple

:: Jeanette Paschal, Conference Planner of Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA)

Mike was a hit…pure and simple. His message, I believe, resonated with our audience much more than I would have anticipated. He was a true delight.

Insights into the Future Are a Great Eye Opener

:: Takao Kuroda, President of Sony Mexico

The session inspired me a lot. I just started my new leadership role in Sony Mexico one month ago. The idea of replacing e-mail with Facebook is exactly what I want to do. Those insights into the future are a great eye opener to rebuild our mid range planning.

You rocked it!

:: Mark Stanley, VP & GM, Latin America of Sony entertainment/Playstation

A client gave Mike the following pithy response after one of Mike’s keynotes: “You rocked it!”


:: Jim Rittenhouse, President/Owner of McKinney Speakers

THANK YOU – THANK YOU for arranging Mike to come to the conference. I have had so many folks excited about the presentation he made, and they were so impressed that he made it custom to meeting professionals.

That Hit a Wow Button for Me

:: Tim Clue, MC and fellow keynote presenter of 13th Annual MPI MidAmerica Education Conference

I love what Mike was saying… The need to make gatherings more potent is Now! That hit a Wow button for me.

Mike’s Presentation Tops Other Guest Speakers’

:: Andrew Roberts, Head of Brand Communications of Bentley Motors Limited

I have been responsible for finding many guests speakers over the years at various car brands I have worked for and the reaction to you was the best I have seen anywhere. It was inspirational and most importantly for us totally supported our outlook on what we want to do with Bentley. We have an incredible opportunity here and last week we took our first steps in getting the whole business on board.

Packages Trends into Action-Oriented Takeaways

:: Dave Hagan, CEO of Boingo, Wireless

You have a great way of packaging trends into action-oriented takeaways.

Mike Brings the Future to Life

:: Peter Williams, Partner of Deloitte Australia

Mike is a very engaging speaker and brings to life the future with stories and visuals in a way that is accessible to both people with a strong understanding of the future as well as those who don’t have the same level of understanding. He has a unique ability to open the eyes of the audience in a positive way. Mike tailors his speech to his audience and is excellent in delivery. He is not someone that you need to micro manage because he lives and breathes his field and has a strong focus on helping organisations achieve the outcomes they need.

Reinforces What I Stress To My Team

:: David Slifka, Director of Enterprise Services and Security IT of ADTRAN

Very thought provoking- reinforces what I stress to my team- look to the future and leverage technology that will help employees be more productive no matter where they are located.

One of the Most Timely and Thought Provoking Speeches I Have Ever Heard

:: Doc Holladay, Executive Director of Solid Waste Disposal Authority of the City of Huntsville

Mike, I enjoyed your speech at today’s luncheon, and quite honestly thought it was one of the most timely and thought provoking speeches I have ever heard. Your speech has inspired me to challenge our existing processes and service delivery methods.

Fresh and Relevant Perspective on Technology

:: Andrew Shambarger, SVP & Area Executive – Huntsville of BB&T

I really thought this was a great session. I enjoyed the chance to have a discussion with Mike at breakfast and also to hear the outstanding presentation at lunch. Mike is a great speaker with a very fresh and relevant perspective on how technology meets psychology and then its combined impact on business and life. Love to learn more.

Provides Answers For the Future

:: Keith Freitag, Senior Manager Business Development of SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation)

Mike, What a great presentation! I am sure as you looked around the room you noticed all of the 50 – 70 yr. olds. Being 52 I notice things like that and am always very interested in hearing someone like yourself who in a very polite way says “you don’t have the answers for the future, find some sharp young people and engage.”

Powerful Speaker and Awesome Research

:: Amelia Dawkins, Business Development of Ad4! Group

Thoroughly enjoyed the information. As a marketing professional, I continue to be amazed at the power of a great speaker and awesome research. Thank you.

Insights into Future Technologies That Will Drive Our World

:: Bryan Dingo, Assistant Vice President – Services of Phoenix – Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation

Excellent!!! Mike’s insightfulness into the future and the technologies that will drive not only our business world, but our world as we know it was incredibly interesting and one of the most engaging keynote speeches I’ve attended in years.

Unbelievable Stage Presence And Thought-Provoking Presentation

:: , of Cassidy Turley

After Mike Walsh spoke at the annual forcast event forcommercial real estate firm Cassidy Turley, Cassidy Turley provided the following review: “By all accounts it was a very successful event. Mike Walsh was thought-provoking yet entertaining, hip and cool yet commanding, and Mike had an unbelievable stage presence.”

An Amazing Journey that Rocked Us!

:: Representative Rosie Berger, Wyoming House of Representatives of Chair, CSG-WEST

Your presentation took us on an amazing journey, identifying and expanding upon disruptive forces that are transforming our communities and the world. You enlarged our view to re-imagine how to serve a growing population of
constituents who have never known a world without the Web.

Your portraying government as a policy vending machine and challenging us to unleash innovation in our communities by positioning government as a platform was very insightful. We counted on you to deliver a message that would rock us from our comfort zones to better understand and consider how to prepare for tomorrow, and you did just that.

CSG-WEST provides a great foundation for western state legislators to learn from one another to better serve the communities they represent. Our meetings are known and valued for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of good information. Thank you for being a major contributor to those values and adding to the success of our event.

The Content Was Beyond Fascinating

:: Robert Carroll, Chief Marketing Officer of SDL Web Content Management Solutions

Mike recently was the keynote speaker at our annual customer conference. Not only was he a very accomplished speaker, the content of his presentation was more than fascinating. I particularly enjoyed his research on how different cultures view the use of Social Media. Very eye opening.

The Best Visual Presentation of the Entire Conference

:: Angela Ferguson , Director of Futurespace

Last week in Singapore,  Mike Walsh was the closing speaker for the CoreNet Global 2012 Conference. Below is the glowing reference of one conference attendee:

“The Closing Session presentation was delivered by the dynamic young futurist, Mike Walsh.  http://www.mike-walsh.com/  Mike spoke mostly about the human behavioural aspects of where we are heading as a global civilization.  With many captivating anecdotes and by far the best audio visual presentation of the entire conference, Mike was both inspiring and entertaining.  It is his belief that the future can be defined as “what we are all doing differently on a daily basis”.  He talked about engaging the next generation (whom he calls the naturals, ie those who don’t know a world without technology) at work, how the nature of work will change in the future, how companies can be more innovative and how smart phones are fast becoming the only piece of technology and currency we will soon need.  He talked about how if we look closely, we can see the future all around us right now and that the ‘seeds of the future are in the present’.  Walsh’s presentation was a thought-provoking bookend to the program that left delegates with much food for thought.  We are looking forward to the next Global Summit in Shanghai in 2013.”

I Never Fail to Learn Something New From Mike

:: Gary Woolf, VP Business Development and Digital, of BBC Worldwide

Mike Walsh keeps astonishing digital pioneers time and time again.

“I have seen Mike present his thoughts on the media landscape, the evolution of media and the opportunities/risks three times now – twice through events organised by others, once through organising a conference myself. I never fail to learn something new from hearing Mike – and his sense of theatre in his presentation completely hooks his audience from beginning to end. Having ‘hired’ Mike for a conference, I can also say that his is a complete professional – even when his flight had difficulties he fought to get to us. Finally, he’s a really nice guy…totally approachable, and good company!

A Pioneer in the Digital World

:: Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital

Futuristic is right for Mike Walsh.  Earlier this week Mike Walsh received a testimonial from a CEO prior to his speaking engagement!

“Mike and I have presented together over the last ten years. He understands social and technology trends and has the ability to communicate in a compelling way. Mike has been a pioneer in the digital world across Australia, Asia, US and Europe which brings a global perspective. I would highly recommend Mike to any organisation trying to navigate the fast changing digital world.”

Wonderful Orator

:: Elin Wik-Ogenstedt , Position Marketing Leader of MasterCard

Yesterday, Mike Walsh dazzled the conference guests at the Choice Hotel event in Sweden.

“Very interesting indeed. You are not only a wonderful orator, you also have something to say!”

Top Leaders Very Impressed

:: Anne Fernando, Product Marketing Manager of Globe Telecom

I would like to share with you that we had a very successful event today and that our clients and top leaders in our organization were very much impressed with Mike Walsh’s presentation. Mike is also a very grounded person which made it so easy for us to coordinate our requirements with him.

Next review (“Mike Creates Understanding Through Examples of History & Current Innovation”) goes in top section.

Mike Creates Understanding Through Examples of History & Current Innovation

:: James Hyde, SVP Direct Sales, iPay Technologies of Attended Fiserv Conference

A phenomenal presentation! It’s refreshing to see someone who understands the next generation and who has the ability to create understanding and vision through examples of historical trends and current international innovation. Thanks for the education.

To See The Future, Look At The Past

:: Peter Leong, Director Business Development, Asia Pacific of Fiserv

Great session & presentation, thought provoking & challenging mind sets. Best takeaway – to see the future, look at the past.

Thought Provoking – Amazing Insight

:: Keith Oberfeld, President of KBOgroup,Inc. of Attended Fiserv Conference

Excellent material and especially good presentation.  Thought provoking, and an amazing insight into how far the rest of the world has advanced past the U.S. in innovation.

Worth Every Single Penny

:: Kelli Schultz, Vice President and Program Committee Chair of Association for Financial Technology

Mike was AMAZING in every sense of the word.  Left us all nearly speechless. So as far as I am concerned, worth every single penny!!!  Thanks for another home run!  (You can quote me on that)

Mike’s Presentation Was Tailored And Reflected His Research

:: , of Roche Products Pty Limited

Mike was a pleasure to work with. His presentation was perfectly pitched reflecting his research prior to the event to tailor his presentation to our audience and he also took the time to meet with some of them prior to the presentation. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested and would love to work with him again.

Mike Engaged Our Franchise Owners Very Well

:: , of Snap Franchising Ltd.

Mike Walsh was extremely professional and engaged our franchise owners very well. The information he shared was amazing!

A Must See For Anyone Who Wants To See What Lies Ahead

:: , Managing Director of Fuji Xerox Australia

Mike has a unique insight into how tomorrow will change today. His eye opening content and engaging presentation make him a must see for anyone who wants to know what lies ahead. A brilliant presentation.

I Highly Recommend Mike

:: Dave Marshall, Managing Director of Fujifilm Australia

I would highly recommend Mike Walsh to any company who wants to get a clearer understanding of not what might be, but what is very likely to be.

A Great Perspective On Emerging Trends

:: Peter Tonagh, Chief Financial Officer of FOXTEL

Your presentation gave us a great perspective on the emerging trends that will present FOXTEL with many opportunities – and also some clear threats. Thank you again for contributing to FOXTEL’s success!

Visually Great And Very Thought-Provoking

:: , of City of Sydney

I thought it was visually great and certainly very thought-provoking. It was real brain food and useful to get us thinking about the future of social media.

An Eye Opener

:: , of Disney

Fantastic talk. Probably the best of the conference. An eye opener.