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You will not have a job in five years time..and that’s a good thing

Why we learned to stop smashing machines

To be a great technologist, you also have to think like an anthropologist

Forget Millenials Worry About 8 Year Olds

How To Hire For Agility

How to Design an Office for People who Don’t Need One

In the Future, Every Company will be a Software Company

Why innovation is a human software problem

For big companies, becoming agile and responsive is not something that can be achieved by just behaving like a startup. But what if creating a culture of innovation was just a human software problem?

Your kids will be raised by AI

AI is profoundly influencing human development from childhood and beyond. When your five-year-old has a thousand more questions than you have patience to answer, Amazon’s Alexa speaking through your living room Echo speaker, will be there to respond. If not Alexa, then Apple’s Siri, or Google, through their new Google Home device. Algorithms influence what your children watch on YouTube, the content of their social feeds, their interactions on Minecraft, as well as monitoring the temperature of their bedrooms, and their sleeping, exercise and eating habits.

Why you should be happy when the robots take your job

The robots are coming, and they will reshape everything we know about modern day work. Automation, AI and algorithms are an inevitable part of the 21st century business revolution. But, as futurist Mike Walsh points out in this clip, you shouldn’t be worried. Changing the nature of your job is a good thing.

Prototyping vs strategy – why we need to rethink innovation for the 21st century

What is the best way to come up with a plan for disrupting the future of your business and industry? Hire some consultants to create a 50 page, beautifully designed, strategy slide deck? Or hack together some prototypes, run some experiments, and let your next generation of customers co-create with you?

How great companies re-invent themselves to survive the future

Why is it that some companies manage to survive and thrive for decades, while others and the products they make, fade into history? According to futurist Mike Walsh, the answer is adaptability. Great companies re-invent themselves constantly, adapting rapidly to how the needs of the markets they serve are shifting.

#Instafood – How the next generation will eat, share and tag the future of food

To understand the future of food, you have to start by examining the mindset of the next generation of consumers. Smartphones and photo sharing are changing the way that we think about meals and eating. But that’s just the beginning. What happens when restaurants, supermarkets and even food products themselves, start tracking the way we interact with them?

 The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas | Book Trailer

In The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas, global futurist and innovation expert Mike Walsh presents 88 scientific breakthroughs, emerging technologies and disruptive business models – all with the potential to shake the foundations of the world we know. Buy it now – http://bookstore.mike-walsh.com/colle…

Interview by Samsung

Does Samsung have what it takes to make it in the enterprise? Futurist and innovation expert Mike Walsh was the keynote speaker at Samsung’s business discovery day in London where he spoke about how 21st century companies are re-factoring the way they think about technology at work.