Robyn Benincasa

World Class Teams and Leadership

Robyn Benincasa builds World Class Teams. With an unforgettable blend of the 8 Essential Elements for Human Synergy and countless team-affirming experiences in the world’s most grueling environments, Robyn’s insights help you understand and adopt the “followership’ skills necessary for dynamic role shifting and true teamwork. Previously in corporate sales, Robyn is a full time firefighter, an extreme athlete, World Champion Eco-Challenge Adventure Racer, CNN Hero, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of the Project Athena Foundation (Survivors to Athletes!), 3x Guinness World Record Distance Paddler, and the proud owner of 2 metal ‘Bionic Hips.’ Robyn provides your guide to Human Synergy…”that magic that allows groups of ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things together.”

Inspired by a Fast Company Magazine article entitled ‘Extreme Teamwork,’ which featured Robyn’s team of World Champion adventure athletes as well as “Winners” from all walks of life, Robyn’s ‘Why Winners Win’ keynote outlines the common traits, attitudes and mindset of the world’s most consistently high performing leaders in their eternal pursuit of world class results.

The ‘Best of the Best’ experience times of great challenge and change just like everyone else. But with characteristic Courage, Luck (Opportunity + Preparation), Adversity Management Skills, and a keen ability to create Synergy with their colleagues, Winners possess the ability to continually motivate and inspire themselves and those around them to the top of the podium in any endeavor.

The icing on the cake of the ‘Why Winners Win’ keynote? Attendees will experience the thrill of peak performance and exceptional leadership through Robyn’s incredible stories and breathtaking video footage of extreme teams in action. They will leave energized and empowered to create consistent world-class results in every aspect of their lives!