Robyn Benincasa - Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Robyn was a home run.

:: Stefan, Swanepoel T3 Group

She impressed everyone in the room. They were in awe of her athleticism and perseverance.

Our audience loved her as you can see from the survey responses below!

:: Lisa M. Probst, Director of Operations, Events, e.Republic
  • Great story and teambuilding examples.
  • The best blend of storytelling and practical application to our world that I have seen in any of the keynotes at the CIO academy.
  • One of the best speakers I have seen in a while. Loved her energy and her message​.​
  • She was outstanding​.​
  • Highly motivational speaker, exhibited a personal connection with the audience through an understanding of challenges of state employment and service – a real PLUS​.​
  • She tied her experiences to leadership and teamwork, even though the circumstances were completely different.
  • Robyn was so inspiring and ​had a ​great connection with the audience.
  • Excellent speaker. In my opinion, one of the best motivational speakers the Academy has had over the years I have attended.
  • I would like a much larger audience to see this (i.e. IT Staff in general)
  • Robyn’s energy and motivational speech were an excellent way to kick off the conference.
  • Inspiring and relevant. Did a great job presenting the things she learned through her experiences into a way that made sense for my world.
  • Loved the message and the high energy to kick-off the Academy. The analogy worked from both an emotional and intellectual level.
  • One of the best keynote speakers I have heard at a government conference​.​
  • Very energetic, positive, relevant​.​ The speaker tied the relevance of teams from Adventure racing to IT very well.
  • Excellent way to start the academy off. Very motivational and relevant to today’s challenges.
  • This session is unbelievable; it set the tone for the team and people focus of this year’s CIO Academy.

Robyn was amazing!

:: Greg Guidos, President, Allstate Benefits

Robyn, you were amazing! You are a “rock star”! I really appreciate you being at our meeting. Your powerful presentation and message aligned perfectly with what I wanted to accomplish and you knocked it out of the ball park! I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and sent me notes on how great they thought your presentation was. I want to sincerely thank you for traveling here and being such a big part of our meeting. I could not have been happier!

A Perfect Score for Robyn – 7 out of 7!!

Presentation Content: 7
Appearance:  7
Enthusiasm: 7
Presentation Style: 7
Speech Customization: 7
Professionalism: 7
Overall Impression: 7
Definitely Recommend – Robyn met with us ahead of time, and asked pointed questions about her audience so she could understand our needs. We enjoyed our time with her onsite, and her message resonated with our learners.

Your session hit on all marks!

:: Rya Hazelwood, Director of Marketing & Conference Programs, IAMC

Your session hit on all marks – energy, entertainment and information! This is what the attendees had to say:

  • “Inspiring!”
  • “Great speaker to kick things off and set the tone for the rest of the conference!”
  • “Great learning experience!”

The IAMC audience tends to go to a lot of events each year, and they hear a lot of speakers. So, they can be a tough crowd to please. You and your presentation were unequivocal hits.

Your presentation was such a great kickoff for our conference.

:: Angie Dunn, Events Supervisor, Spillman Technologies​

Thank you so much for being our keynote presenter for our conference this year. Marketing has been compiling our satisfaction survey’s from the conference and your presentation has received wonderful reviews and comments from our customers. It was so awesome to see how you worked in Spillman into your presentation and the fit with our customers couldn’t have been any better. Your presentation was such a great kickoff for our conference.

Thanks for your inspirational team presentation

:: Terry Taylo​r,​ President of Oregon School Facility Management Associatio​n​

Y​ou were awesome at SchoolDude West 2016 in San Diego. Thanks for your inspirational teaming presentation. After reading the first part of your book and witnessing your presentation I really enjoyed your message as you took us along your/our journey and made us look at us as individuals as well as team members.​

The Most Inspirational Talk I’ve Ever Heard.

:: Mike Ogden, AT&T

Your leadership presentation at AT&T last year was the most inspirational talk I’ve ever heard.

Top of my List!

:: Melissa Tok, Meetings and Events, Hormel Foods
We can’t thank you enough. I will keep you at the top of my list to call for other divisions with in Hormel!

Compelling Story!

:: Terese Irwin, Director of Events, Express Employment Professionals

Thank you for putting it in my head that I can’t hold myself back due to current limitations. Thank you for sharing your story and making it so compelling that we decided to take action. That doesn’t always happen.

Positive Influence on Millions of Lives!

:: Evan Brody Lenkowsky, Director of Critical Care for The Intensivist Group at Grand View Hospital

Thank you for sharing and being a positive influence in the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Exceptional Speech and Unforgettable Eco Challenge!

:: Thomas A. Hubler, Vice President Sales, The Americas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons Team Building Event in Hawaii: Thank-you for your exceptional keynote speech and unforgettable Eco Challenge. World Class Teams successfully created and executed an experience that was beyond compare.

You Left Me with a Renewed Faith in Teamwork!

:: Microsoft Attendee

Robyn, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak today at Microsoft and I have to tell you how you left me inspired and with a renewed faith in a different way to think about teamwork. I have always valued working in a team but you gave me some great insights into new ways of thinking and while I cannot say I have ever been an Adventure Racer – in fact, I couldn’t be further from it….today I left feeling as though I AM an adventure racer each and every day in my role.

Left Me More Than Inspired!

:: Chelsea Thorne, Banner Bank

I recently had the pleasure of hearing robyn Benincasa’s amazing stories and she left me more than inspired! I’m not ready or planning my (or first lol) adventure race but I’m totally excited to apply what I can to building my team so we can be the best we can. You need to look her up yourself see all the unbelievable things she has done and is going to make a difference. (Especially learn about Project Athena) Thank you Robyn! 

Never Underestimate Our True Potential!

:: Veritas Global Sales Enablement Team

Robyn, we are grateful for the opporunity to have had you as part of our 2016 Veritas Sales Conference! Your personal jounrey has made a tremendous impact on Veritas. it have inspried us to never underestimate our true potential and has taught us what true Teamwork is all about!

Thank you for coming our to share so manyb of your experiences and life lessons with us.

More Than Perfect…

:: Mitchell Bayer, Medidata​


Best Keynote Speaker in 18 years of Business

:: Tony​ Cherbak, Chief Executive Officer & President​, Resources Global Professionals

Thanks for joining us in Atlanta for our global management meeting. Your presentation was excellent and very inspiring. I heard from many of our people telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how quickly the time went by. Many said you were the best keynote speaker that we have had over the 18 years that we have been in existence.

Still Basking in the Glow!

::Pamela ​K​rueger​, Baxter International Inc.​

I have to say we are still basking in the greatness of the event and your presentation! Survey results are coming back with comments like this: ‘best BWL presentation I’ve attended!” Many many many thanks to you.


:: Executive Vice President and National Sales Director, RINGLER ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED

Thank you for such a tremendous presentation at our meeting. Many, many people came up and thanked me for choosing you as our keynote speaker and complimenting you on how well you tied in your themes to our practice. Your presentation was awesome. I am thrilled that we were able to have you participate.


:: Jessica Donnelly, RN – Chair Perioperative Professional Nurse Council, Christiana Care Health System

“One word, PHENOMENAL! Robyn had the audience’s attention from the moment she stepped out on stage. The Adventure Racing stories she shared were not short of incredible and showed the epitome of TEAMWORK. I have no doubt that every single person at the conference walked away with a new perspective and appreciation of what TEAM really means. You rocked it!!”

Outstanding!Project Athena-102

:: Walter Bouchard ​- Yahoo

“I saw you speak yesterday at the Cambridge Financial Ignite Conference in DC. Your presentation was outstanding! You had a stage presence and poise that helped you to carry a solid and entertaining message. I\’ve seen A LOT of speakers and you are really one of the best I have ever seen. Your content was excellent, and you did a great job of tying it into what we do as financial advisors.”

Most Inspiring hour of the entire week!

:: Dan Wagner

I was fortunate enough to hear you speak at the SQFI Conference last week. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed your talk. I used to watch Eco Challenge and I was really excited hearing your stories. For me, your hour was the most inspiring of the entire week. Congratulations on all your achievements and thank you for motivating me to be my best.


:: Gregg Risley, VP Operations, Coastal Wine and Spirits

“YOU ROCKED!!! Lots of compliments and the message was right on what we are trying to drive home!! Safe travels back”

This is the Kind of Culture I want to Create!

:: Natalia Guerrido

“Thank you so much for your energizing presentation this week at the Blanchard Summit! No matter what we do in life, I agree-we can do it better together. The video clip of the Japanese team carrying their teammate over the mountain will carry ME through the mountains I expect to climb very soon. This is the kind of culture I want to be a part of. This is the kind of culture I want to create. This is the kind of team member and leader I will be. Present, available and willing to carry the load for the good of the whole and to achieve great things.”

Inspiring and Dynamic Presentation

:: Amy Sigler, Roche​ ​Diagnostics​

“Our event has already gotten rave reviews and that is due to your inspiring and dynamic presentation.  We appreciate you making the trip to Indiana and sharing your experiences and insights with us!  I am excited for our follow-up sessions where we can continue to incorporate the 8 essential elements of human synergy into Roche’s culture! You have a big fan base in Indianapolis!”

Perfect Exclamation Point

:: Joe Schlosser, SVP, Communications, Endemol Shine North America

 We just wanted to drop you a note to say a HUGE thank you for joining us yesterday.

 We got a lot of great feedback from our team and we really felt like you put the perfect exclamation point on what turned out to be a very special day.

Your Energy was Perfect

:: Jamie Tremblay, Wells Fargo​

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing presentation yesterday morning!  Your message and energy was the perfect thing to start off the day, and that positivity carried on – and will continue to do so.”

Great Engaging Presentation and Messages!

:: Attendee Comments from the Chevron Leadership Development Program

“Truly inspirational. What she has accomplished is incredible. Kudos on Project Athena. ”

“Need the presentation”

“Very engaging”

“High energy, very interactive”

“1) Lean in and take risks; 2) Develop internal and external networks; 3) Give away the credit. Manage ego”

“I would bring her back at start of Session 3 or at end of Session 1.”

“Excellent speaker to close with”

“Great engaging presentation and messages!”

“Good lead on team dynamic and business simulation e.g. handling pressusres, letting go, accepting feedback, etc…”

“Excellent! Astounding! Inspiring! So much to learn from the presentation!”

An Experience That Was Beyond Compare

:: Thomas A. Hubler, Vice President Sales, The Americas of Four Seasons Hotels and ResortsrjyD03l4wPvCtghnSxIfZznB1vVxhm1xz3DCv4v3stc

On behalf of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, I would like to thank you for your exceptional keynote speech and unforgettable Eco Challenge that you and your team, World Class Teams, presented to our North American Worldwide Sales Team at our annual meeting last month in Lana’i, Hawaii.

World Class Teams successfully created and executed an experience that was beyond compare. The Eco Challenge created a number of experience that our sales team could relate to and successfully accomplish.

Evaluations Are 5+ Out of 5

:: Tony Ferracane, VP of Human Resources of Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana

Great Day. Evaluations are 5+ out of 5. Loved the message and how it dovetailed in to the rest of the afternoon.

Inspirational Presentation

:: Bob Miller, IBM

I was in the IBM audience on Wednesday this week and I wanted to thank you for such an inspirational presentation…Lots of unique, amazing accomplishments and communicated to us in such an enjoyable and motivational way. I’ve always been known as a team player, however your comments made me realize that there are levels of team that I still need to be a part of. For that I thank you.

Impressed With Your Ability to Command a Large Audience

:: Evan Brody Lenkowsky, Program Medical Director, The Intensivist Group

I listened to you speak at the Sound Physicians “National Leadership Conference”. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with not only your ability to motivate, your storied past, or your ideas on living well and collaboratively but with the way in which you were able to present yourself and your ability to command a large audience consisting of people notorious for being stubborn and egosyntonic. Thanks again for sharing and being a positive influence in the lives of what I would imagine to be hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Robyn Benincasa Enthralled NCR Audience

This video features a glowing review of Robyn Benincasa’s NCR 2015 keynote from the NCR’s Training Manager of NCR’s Hospitality and Restaurant division. Robyn’s multimedia keynote equipped the reviewer to motivate her sales team for an amazing 2015.

Truly an Inspiration

:: Clark Mulligan, Laboratory Products Association

Hi Robyn, thank you so much for presenting at our meeting yesterday in Philly. You were a big hit with everyone and are truly an inspiration. Your energy and enthusiasm hit the mark.  Hope you and Jeff had a good trip home. Thanks again.

Change to a “We” Environment!!!

:: Michael Coulthard, GA/Manager, American Income Life

I was so inspired can not wait to get back to our first office meeting and change the office culture to a “we” environment!!!

They Want Another Challenge From You

:: Derek Sweeney, Director of Ideas, The Sweeney Agency

Thanks for doing such a great job at Johnson & Johnson – they were very pleased. They would like to send a “challenge” out to everyone who was in your session to in some way apply what they learnt from you as soon as possible.

I Used Your Book On a Daily Basis to Coach My Elite Athletes

:: Marcio Sicoli, Assistant Coach of Sand Volleyball 2012 & 2014 National Champions

2zo58EzC3gDIWjl323mJCa4Pd1YjC871aw-1ZjelhEYI have been coaching elite athletes for the past 12 years. I got in contact with your book in 2012 on the road to the 2014 London Olympic Games. As the head coach for the USA Beach Volleyball team – Kerri Walsh/ Misty May – I used your book on a daily basis to coach my elite athletes and also get them to spend time with a powerful read! We got the gold medal at the 2014 London Olympic games and I attribute your book one of the pieces of the puzzle.

Thanks to Robyn We Are a Better Company

:: Dina Dwyer-Owens, Co-Chair of The Dwyer Group, Inc.

The Dwyer Group has celebrated 33 annual reunions and this year’s was a record turnout with a World Class keynote speaker. Robyn Benincasa really moved our franchisees forward with her real-life stories and the message that “nobody wins alone.” Thanks to Robyn’s desire to inspire we are a better company!

If I Paid You for Every Time I Quoted You…

:: Howard Halle, EVP, Florida Division Manager of Wells Fargo Commercial Banking

If I paid you for every time I quoted you since our meeting, you would be a billionaire! You are an institution here!BtqJSxvp7PbkrnEZrB9Jgbj30gx1dKYrIqMoJSSD3OE

An Inspiration to Us All!

:: Nicholas Paquette, Senior Manager of Genentech

I have received rave reviews about your presentation. People loved your story, passion and teachings on teamwork. An inspiration to us all!

Many Folks Came to Me and Said You Were the Best Ever

:: Steve Tomson, ‎Director of Sales of ProfitStars / Jack Henry & AssociatesqTBJJrzFLGs5DCNd08WAldd4V0kLIwnu_MOUVIYrnL4

Home run lady. We’ve had a broad range of impactful speakers over the last decade. Nonetheless, many folks came to me and said you were the best ever. Congratulations. If you have anyone on the fence about booking you, have them give me a call.

Our Best Annual Meeting Speaker Ever

:: Melissa L., of Memorial Hermann

People are still talking about you from last week’s Annual Meeting. Everyone keeps saying you were our best Annual Meeting speaker ever!

Good luck in your future endeavors. Thanks again for making this year’s Annual Meeting truly memorable!

Robyn’s Session Was Among the Best If Not THE VERY BEST

:: Ray D., of

Being in sales for over 30 years I have attended many rah-rah sessions and some were with the big boys, but I will have to admit that yours was among the best if not THE VERY BEST. Unfortunately the long lines didn’t allow me to personally thank you and say ‘Howdy’. I will purchase your book online and be referring you to some of my friends for their team-building sessions..

Anyone Looking for Team-Building/Team-Speak Should Hire Her

:: Kathy D. , Meeting Planner of Texas Association of School Boards

Robyn Benincasa was in a word “awesome” – she hit the nail on the head with what I needed her to say to our folks…anyone looking for team-building/team-speak should hire her! She was super easy to work with and was great with all the attendees afterwards. She will be hard for us to top next year!! Excellent recommendation!

Thank You for Sharing the Gift of You

:: Lisa R. , of Christus Health

Robyn, I lead the leadership development efforts at CHRISTUS Health and I heard you speak at our leadership retreat. I was totally inspired. I read the book on my flight to Chicago and back and I am even more inspired.

I am doing a team building in Santa Fe for one of our hospitals and am changing to your TEAMWORK model. The lessons from the book and your experience are far greater.

You have motivated me to do other great things. Thanks for the great learnings from your lived experience and for your dedication to helping others.

Thank you for sharing the gift of you with us at CHRISTUS.

Leaders Are All Buzzing About Your Talk Today

:: Jan E., Executive Vice President of Medronic RTG

Robyn, you knocked it out of the park today!! The RTG leaders are all buzzing about your talk today. Thank you so much!

I Would Recommend Robyn to Anyone

:: Chris O., of Medtronic

Robyn spoke at my big US leadership meeting yesterday, and was incredible. She hit a grand slam home run, had the place buzzing and contributed in a very core way to a very successful meeting. Her story, authenticity, message, experience in medical sales and personal experience as a medical device patient all resonated with the team. I am normally skeptical of “motivational speakers”, but Robyn was so much more than that. I would recommend her to anyone.

Let Me Tell You, Robyn Was Awesome!

:: Mark R., of Washington State Governor’s Safety & Health Conference

Let me tell you, Robyn was awesome! She knocked it out of the park. But by all accounts, she was a huge success. I had people coming up to me all day on Thursday wanting to know how to contact her and book her!

I Have Yet to Hear a More Powerful Speaker Than You

:: Anita J., of

I just had the pleasure of listening to one of your talks (Washington Governors Conference) and was so incredibly inspired by it. I can honestly say I have yet to hear a more powerful speaker than you.

I couldn’t write notes down fast enough because the information just kept coming and with every word I was moved.
I just wanted to say Thank you for inspiring me to lead. I appreciate your perspective as it makes so much sense.

Thanks again!

Great Way to Start a Conference

:: Barry M., Vice President , Business Development of North America Power Delivery I Transmission I Substation I Distribution

I really enjoyed your presentation today at UPMG! Awesome and Inspiring! Great way to start a conference and on a Monday!

You have a great message for us all. Obviously it translates directly to business – managers and leaders at all levels. But you probably find the greatest satisfaction in helping people at the personal level – where you actually help transform a life! That is truly gratifying work, and I sense that about you!

You Are a Symbol of Inner Strength for All People

:: Ed S., Associate Professor of Biotechnology of Ivy Tech Community College

Thank you for a great keynote presentation at Ivy Tech’s Professional Day. I plan to give your book to my oldest daughter (graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD) to read before she forwards it to her two sisters to read…You are a symbol of inner strength for all people. I wish you well.

Perfect Example to Men and Women Business Leaders Around the World

:: Diane E. , of Factory Motor Parts

Thank you for what you are doing for women everywhere who need a strong sister to encourage them along the way through your Athena foundation—and for the wonderful message you are bringing to corporate America. You blend the essence of strong feminine leadership skills with traditional male dominant thinking and create a symphony of wisdom that touches the heart as well as the mind.

I believe you are a perfect example to men and women business leaders around the world. I salute you super sister and commend you for the legacy you are creating for future business leaders!

You Had a Lasting Impact

:: Jon A., of IDEXX

I believe you had a lasting impact on IDEXX with your visit to our Sales Summit. In fact, I, for one, used on of your quotes with a Board member yesterday, making the point that we want a world class Board, not just a collection of world class individuals.

The whole concept of an effective team and your related insights have many, many applications. You do good work.

You Were a Tremendous Hit!

:: Charles T., Head of Global Quality Industrial Operations of Genzyme

I really liked your message and especially liked your genuine, charismatic delivery. If you weren’t already told this – you were a tremendous hit!

A Great Mix of Enthusiasm, True Grit and Humor

:: Todd T. , of Verint/Kana

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your motivational session at our 2014 Global Sales Summit. You truly motivated me with your presentation and life-stories, a great mix of enthusiasm, true grit and humor.

I look forward to you impacting my life and career as I learn more about your story.

Thanks Again for Bringing a Whole New Meaning to TEAMWORK

:: Joe R., of Association of Water Technologies

I cannot thank you enough for speaking at our recent National Convention in Connecticut. I have read your book and am in the process of starting to implement some of your ideas into our teamwork strategy here at Watertech of America, Inc.

Thanks again for bringing a whole new meaning to TEAMWORK. I am excited to see its implementation here at Watertech take us to new levels personally, professionally in both our personal and business lives.

Everyone Thoroughly Enjoyed Listening to You

:: Kathleen, of Sierra Wireless

Thank you Robyn for your great presentation! You are such an amazing woman and everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. There are many great learnings they are taking with them.

You Have Really Blown Everyone Away

:: Lisa A., of Media Direct Productions

You continue to hit grand slams with IDEXX and I know you will again at our next event in October which is a much bigger group and their customers are in the audience.
When Brian suggested you I knew it would be terrific but you have really blown everyone away. So love working with you and I am going to suggest you to many of my other clients.

Many of Our Attendees Came Up to Rave About You

:: Jeff A., of Allied Solutions, LLC.

I just wanted to tell you once again that our group thought you did a phenomenal job presenting at our National Sales Meeting. You blended in your experience and message with relatable items to our group’s every day lives which was great! You really kicked off our meeting on the right path and many of our attendees came up to rave about you! So thank you!

I Couldn’t Have Asked for a More Perfect Message

:: Lisbeth Armentano, of Nestle Nutrition Division

We had so much fun with you. I literally received so many compliments on your message and comments about how your talk touched people – some wanted to go home and share with their husbands/wives/families. Several others said you were the best speaker they had ever heard (my opinion too by the way) and that more in Nestle should hear you! You SO over-delivered both in your speech and in your willingness to spend time with our team. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect message to be delivered at just the right time.

We Heard Nothing But Great Comments and Feedback

:: Trent Cross , of Hewlett Packard

Robyn, Thank you for a fabulous and outstanding presentation during our C3 Outfitters event this past week in Phoenix. Your presentation style and message really energized the attendees. We heard nothing but great comments and feedback from many of the attendees throughout the week. Your flexibility to work with us on the message, theme and your overall participation was very refreshing and we appreciate all your efforts both prior and during the event. Your presentation was one of the highlights for the event and helped to make this one of our most successful C3 events to-date. Thank you from all of the management team and the C3 committee.


:: Gina Imperato, of Fast Company Magazine

Robyn’s background and experience provide us with a unique and much needed perspective for our RealTime participants, and her award winning adventure racing team embodies what it means to be a leader today. We always get an INCREDIBLE response to her ‘Building World Class Teams’ sessions and adventure events.

Wonderful, Inspiring and Uplifting Presentation

:: Annette, Chief of Staff New York of Euro RSCG Worldwide

THANK YOU for a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting presentation this morning. The buzz around the agency is fantastic, and many people have stopped by my office or sent me mails to tell me how much they liked it, and how much you amazed them.

I Have Put a Lot of Robyn’s Team Ideas into Practice

:: Scott McGarrigle , CEO of AKI

I am still charged by my experience participating in Robyn’s “AdventureTeambuilding” program, and have put a lot of her team ideas into practice in my business.

You Made a Profound Impact in My Life!

:: Amy Peterson , Director of Sales of Credit Union National Association

The section of “Extreme Team String” that I brought home from our event still hangs in my office as a reminder of so many lessons, including “asking for help is a gift to the helper”. I continue to be inspired by my experience with World Class Teams on the beach in San Diego. You made a profound impact in my life! Thank You!

Brings Principles of Adventure Racing into the Corporate Environment

:: Debbie Rubin, Assistant to the President of Aramark Educational Resources

Robyn does a fabulous job of bringing the principles of adventure racing into the corporate environment. She did a great job of customizing her session to meet the needs and objectives of our national management meeting. The audience was riveted and our managers continue to talk about Robyn and the lasting impact she made!

Robyn Transmits Singular Energy to Her Audience

:: Lee Plesser Smith, Marketing Manager of Timberland

Robyn has a singular energy which she transmits to her audience, allowing them, at least vicariously, to live what she has experienced. Her story is a call-to-action to be more active at whatever level in the great outdoors.

Dynamic, Amazing Team Building Speaker

:: Mike Frick , of Speakers Platform

Our speakers bureau booked Robyn for a client event recently. She received stellar reviews from the client and the audience members. I would highly recommend Robyn to anyone looking for a dynamic, amazing team building speaker that delivers an important message. Robyn is one of our favorites by far!

Robyn Exudes Courage, Strength, Compassion, Determination, and Fun!

:: , Senior Manager of Canadian Financial Services Organization

All hearts and minds in the room were captivated by her presence and detailed account of her personal journey and that of others who complete these amazing eco-challenge events. What resonated incredibly well were the elements of teamwork and how each member takes turns being the leader when it makes the most sense, particularly from a skill set or capability perspective – and particularly when it counts, i.e. when the fun stops! She exudes courage, strength, compassion, determination, and fun! All qualities that we want to emulate as leaders. I definitely would love to have her come back again some time in the future – she is truly one amazing and inspiring person!

Robyn Was Fun and Kept Things Real

:: Stephanie Zapata, of DH&R

Robyn was the motivational speaker for our 2011 conference. In the past we have had a few different speakers but this year they had Robyn only and she was awesome – we did not need more then her! Robyn was fun and kept things real. She has helped me to re-focus on whats ahead of me, winning and to have the attitude to do it!!

Exactly in Tune with Our Strategy

:: Cindy Stilp , of SCA

We are so happy that you were able to speak at our Sales & Marketing meeting. Your messages were inspirational, motivational, and exactly in tune with our strategy. I heard extremely positive reviews from those who attended.

Tied Her Message to the Purpose of our Meeting

:: Tami Wolownik , of Siemens Industry, Inc.

Robyn did a fantastic job of motivating the group and tying her message to the purpose of our meeting. We were focused on creating impact with our strategic initiatives and getting the team rallied behind the right behaviors and attitudes necessary to do so. Robyn was inspriring, entertaining, and challenging! Everyone left the session energized and ready to commit to action and impact. Simply fantastic!

Her Session Alone Would Have Made This Conference Worthwhile

:: Leslie Kerr, of Intellaprice

Once in a while, a speaker just captivates you and you can’t stop thinking about her message. Robyn Benincasa was that speaker for me this week during the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) annual conference…Her session alone would have made this conference worthwhile. That it was accompanied by many other positive aspects of the conference was a bonus.

Engaging, Funny, Interactive and CONTENT-RICH

:: Adam Palmese, of Orange County Public Schools

Robyn’s engaging, funny, interactive and CONTENT-RICH presentation to 900 of our school leaders was nothing short of amazing. Her physical strength is NOTHING compared to the strength of her WILL and her HEART. She gave district leaders a new perspective on teamwork and life. Robyn is an inspirational human being and someone who models hard work, integrity, and wellness. Wow. Best. Speaker. Ever.



:: Ari Hershberg, of Destination Hotels & Resorts

I think that she was tremendous. More important her presentation was not just inspirational/motivational, but it resonated with all of us, and fit our message. Powerful stuff

Consistently Among Our Highest Rated Speakers

:: Christopher Mortell , Sr. Manager, HR: Professional Education and Learning of Siemens Medical Solutions

Robyn is a captivating, dynamic speaker with a style that it is both approachable and extremely compelling. While adventure racing and Robyn’s exploits are clearly larger-than-life, she is so natural and unassuming that her audiences are readily inspired and eager to put her lessons to work.

We have used Robyn as a keynote for groups as large as 550. She has no problem commanding each attendee’s attention. She is consistently among our highest rated speakers. We’ve used, among others, Joe Thiesman, Jerry Linegar (the astronaut), and Ben Carson (the surgeon) for groups as large as 1300. Each has been very good. Robyn is better. Not only is her message as compelling, but her multimedia approach is well suited to very large groups; 1200 or more should be no problem.

I Was Moved

:: Christopher Oliphant , Director of National Accounts of RMC

When I heard first heard Robyn speak I experienced something I rarely do when listening to a “motivational speaker”, I was moved.  I think it is probably normal to be touched by hearing someone speak about their life’s experiences but for me to be moved was something that had only happened one other time and that was listening to the man who’s life the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” was about.

Best Presenter with the Best Message

:: Kirk Watilo, of

Please let Robyn know again that I still believe that she was the best presenter with the best message that I have experienced in my 15 years of attending the CACM convention that she spoke at last summer.

You KNOCKED It out of the Park for Lincoln

:: Lisa Buckingham, VP Human Resources of Lincoln Financial

Honestly…and I don’t say this often…I’m different because I met you. You’re the best… I haven’t received ever in my (way too long career) notes about their inspiration. You KNOCKED it out of the park for Lincoln.  Thank you and here we go…..”

Inspiring for Me Personally and for My Team

:: Anthonie Goudemond, Vice President SMS HR USA of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

AWESOME!!!!! No other way to describe you or the presentation that you gave at our Summit meeting last week. I spent the week listening to a number of people talking about the session, your achievements and how they tied in so well to some of the issues that we are trying to implement on the one hand and overcome on the other. The 8 Human Synergies tied perfectly into the messaging that we had done earlier in the day and we tied a number of your key messages into the next two team building events we did in the afternoon.

You were inspiring for me personally and certainly for my team. No doubt you and adventure racing have approximately 140 new fans.

I’m Grateful for the Impact You Made on Our Team

:: Michael Gehrig, President, Sales & Marketing of Welk Resort Group

I just wanted to thank you again for your participation at our recent Welk Summit. You turned out to be an exceptional speaker and I’m grateful for the impact you made on our team.

The overwhelming response from your presentation was exceptionally positive. Many people emailed me afterwards, especially some of the ladies on our team, grateful for a speaker that connected to them while still showing signs of strength and vulnerability. You, as a speaker, were the perfect fit at the right time.

Made Me Reevaluate the Way That I Think and Live

:: Celeste Smith, of Interstate Hotels & Resorts

I attended Robyn’s inspirational speech Why Winners Win. I have not stopped thinking about how I can incorporate her ideas not only into my work life but also into my own personal running goals. Her examples of encountering road blocks but continuing to pick herself back up have inspired me to keep going whether it’s dealing with a difficult client at work or struggling with my 1/2 marathon training. I have also implemented Robyn’s team ideas by collaborating with my successful colleagues, as well as running with and sharing tips with experienced marathoners. I am so grateful to have attended Robyn’s speech! It has made me reevaluate the way that I think and live my every day life. One day I want to be the next Robin Benincasa.

As Always, You Nailed It

:: Andrew Burns, Director of Global Marketing Communications of Smith and Nephew Orthopaedics

RB – Thanks again for your time in Orlando. The “triathlon” was a HUGE success having you there for the opening pep talk, run, ride and photo shoot helped to create the enthusiasm we were going for. And, as always, you nailed it.

You Were Awesome!

:: Christopher Mortell, Manager of Curriculum Development of Siemens Medical Solutions

You were awesome! Really. Anthonie was very happy and everyone came away thoroughly inspired. Anthonie did say that when you hugged him it was like being hugged by Arnold Schwarzeneger. That was a compliment.  I’d ask him why he’s been hugging Arnold, but that’s probably none of my business.

You Were a Highlight of the Week

:: Kevin Amerio, of Twinlab

Hey Robyn, Thank you so much for presenting at our sales meeting. I can honestly report that you were a highlight of the week. The team was so jazzed to hear you present. I will be sure to share the link with the team as well since we will definitely be pulling for you. Best of luck in the World Championships!!!

I Am Truly Inspired to Be a Better Team Member

:: Lauren Harbour, Director of Sales of Twinlab

Robyn – I thought I knew the importance of teamwork, but your presentation at our sales meeting drove home just how critical teamwork is in every aspect of life – business and personal! Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of my everyday dealings in life, you reiterated and drove home what I already thought I knew – just magnified it 1000 times. You truly are inspirational. After hearing you speak, I am truly inspired to be a better team member.

Feedback on Your Presentation Was Nothing Short of Stellar

:: Felice Ginsberg, VP Training of Allos Therapeutics

Let me say that the feedback we received on your presentation was nothing short of stellar. I have heard a number of motivational speakers and there always seems to be some naysayers. There was not a single dissatisfied customer in this group. People shared that they felt inspired. Many of your messages were repeated throughout the next few days, coming from our President and CEO to my colleagues in the field alike. I can think of no finer form of flattery. It proved to be a perfect program that set a tremendous tone for the rest of our days together.

Nothing Less than Fantastic

::Dave Roberts, Medtronic, Inc., Vice President, U.S. Sales, Cardiac and Vascular Group


I want to personally thank you again for playing such a significant role in the success of our meeting! The feedback on your presentation and messaging, as well as your preparation, has been nothing less than fantastic!!

If I can be of help to you by writing a recommendation…please let me know!

Thanks again.”

Motivated Me to Dig Deep and Bring Back That Determination

:: Stacie Ledridge, of Blue Cross Blue Shield

Robyn’s story had a huge impact on me and it was very motivating. I admire her strength so much! I used to be a runner and ran 5 miles a day, entered a lot of races and ran my first half marathon a little under 2 hours. I then took a job away from my family and it was a huge adjustment. I had to live separate from my husband and 7 year old daughter for 16 months and I only saw them on the weekends.  I lost interest in my running, gained some weight and then got pregnant on top of that weight. My baby girl is 7 months now and I’m struggling to lose the weight.  I felt overwhelmed at the point of the Miami conference. The determination I once had was no longer there. I knew that I would need to make some changes to get back to where I was but I didn’t know where to start. It was such a blessing to hear Robyn’s story when I did. It has motivated me to dig deep and bring back that determination that I once had.  I just want to THANK her so much for sharing her story with us and that it shows exactly what our conference was all about. “ The Power of One!”

Thrill Audience Short Term, Provide Meaningful Change Long Term

:: John Alderson, Zone V.P. of Starbucks/C.O.O. It’s a Grind

I have known Robyn Benincasa for a number of years, and have utilized her talents as both a speaker, as well as a leader of team oriented events. While the SVP for the Western U.S. for Starbucks Coffee, I selected her as both the lead speaker, as well as the team leader, for our annual Store Manager Leadership Conference, held in Tacoma, Washington. The event was an overwhelming success. In fact, 6 years later, they are still talking about the key learnings, the fun, and the excitement of working together as a team. She also addressed the national Leadership Conference for Starbucks Coffee, speaking to about a 1000 attendees, including the Board of Directors, Howard Schultz, the founder, as well as the senior leadership team, the corporate office, and the entire field organization for Starbucks. She was a great success.
Likewise, 2 years ago I was the C.O.O. for It’s A Grind Coffee Houses, and we invited Robyn to facilitate a one day team building event, as well as deliver the keynote address at the first ever national Franchisee Convention. She went above and beyond, ensuring the success of the event, and providing much in the way of key learnings the each Franchisee could take back to their individual businesses. I can recommend Robyn and her team to provide an exceptional event that will thrill the audience short term, and provide meaningful change in the long-term as she provides key insights into the synergies of building a World Class team.

Setting the Tone Is An Understatement

:: Steven W. Kaiser, State Sales Coordinator of Aflac Hawaii/Guam

The conference went great!!! You were so effective in teaching teamwork, setting the tone is an understatement!!! We really got it!! That evening we did set up our committee by vote. We also redistributed 300 existing client business accounts for service with eager cooperation from everyone. The next day we increased the state’s incentive fund contribution, set up a recruiting fund and training fund. These are monies that are deducted from everyone’s statements and used to cover contest, conference etc. Anyway, that went very well too. Our morale has improved 100%. The meeting surveys were all positive and gave you lots of luv for your role in our conference.

Effective Team Building Message

:: Peter, of ExxonMobil

I was very impressed by your story, your enthusiasm and the way you had channelled your experiences into such an effective team building message. When I got home I bought your book and finished reading it last night. It had two immediate impacts on me; it made the talk that you gave come flooding back into my consciousness (which was great); but it also give me inspiration on how to run a workshop I have with my team coming up soon.

The Positive Feedback Was Overwhelming

:: Tony G., of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Words really can’t describe how amazing your presentation was today. Your commitment towards TEAMWORK is truly inspirational. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Not only did so many people come up to me after you spoke, but I also received a ton of e-mails thanking me for having you speak. You truly inspired so many people today. We have had many professional athletes speak over the years, but none of them were as down to earth and approachable as you today. I am very much looking forward to a great partnership with you. Thank You again for sharing your time with us today.