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Sam Silverstein Introduction

When Sam Silverstein was 8 years old he started a recycling business; he collected old soda bottles and sold them back to the grocery store. Since then Sam’s companies have sold over 100 million dollars in products and services, with one of them being purchased by a Fortune 500 Company.

Sam’s 20 plus years’ of research into why some companies have an incredible culture that inspires accountability and produces highly profitable results has led him to work with such organizations as Kraft, PetSmart, Pfizer and the US Air Force.

Today, Sam will discuss with us how Accountability is the Highest Form of Leadership.

Please help me welcome, Sam Silverstein (Pronounced Silver-steen)

Sam Silverstein Technical Requirements

NOTE: Sam brings a USB memory stick containing his PowerPoint presentation.

Please provide the following for Sam Silverstein:

  • Wireless LAPEL microphone OR Wireless HEADSET
  • Sam can provide his presentation slides in advance if required.