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Dealstorming: The secret weapon that can solve your toughest sales challenges

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 “Dealstorming” is Tim Sanders’s term for a scalable, repeatable process that any B2B sales team can use to find a breakthrough on a high-potential sales opportunity that has gotten bogged down at some point. By including every person in the organization who has a stake in the sale in the process, questioning existing assumptions, and channeling the collective experience of the group, sales teams will uncover creative solutions to move along the deal that would be impossible otherwise. In Sanders’s experience as a sales executive and consultant, utilizing this process has led to a stunning 70 percent close ratio. READ BOOK OUTLINE HERE.

“Hearing Tim Sanders speak is a game-changer for your business. Tim recently was the Keynote Speaker at the Society of Marketing Professional Service’s Build Business Conference. Tim’s message was inspiring and actionable. He taught us about the value of building diverse teams and how important it is to build strong internal and external relationships long before these relationships are needed. My personal takeaway was how innovation and creativity are the result of curiosity and deep thinking. Tim’s speech inspired our group and gave me real tips that I was able to apply to my business immediately.” Craig S. Galati, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM, President LG Architects, Inc., President Elect Society for Marketing Professional Services

Speaks to the People Side of Business

Internet pioneer, best-selling author and founder of research firm, Deeper Media Inc, with best selling books on building business relationships, Tim’s talks center on the people side of the profit and loss statement. Based on his years in corporate sales and leadership plus exhaustive research about human behaviors, attitudes and using interactive media to grow business, Sanders’ talks offer strategy and techniques for top leadership and sales.


Building business relationships is not a matter of playing golf, the gift of gab or being a rubber stamp on others’ ideas.  There is an art and a science to being a relationship master at work.  Studies show that it can boost your sales by 40%, drive your talent’s productivity by 25% and cut regrettable turnover in half.

In this program Tim reveals winning ways to create and maintain real connections inside & outside your company.  This program is based on his global best seller, Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence Friends.  ‘

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How relationships are bonded or broken in business, based on the Norm Of Reciprocity research.
  • How to be an effective mentor by following the knowledge gap lifecycle.
  • How to repair a damaged relationship or a mismanaged expectation.
  • Five email etiquette rules that will protect relationships and prevent burn out in your troops.  Based on the largest study to date on email habits at work.
  • A weekly plan to leverage networking to drive business results.  Follow it and you’ll double your network strength in less than one year.