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Tim Sanders’ Introduction for Sales Genius Topic

Today’s selling environment is more complex than ever, which requires us to play as a team and be highly innovative. Our next speaker, Tim Sanders has been on the cutting edge of innovation and change for the last twenty years. He’s a seasoned sales executive, former CSO at Yahoo! and was an early stage employee at Mark Cuban’s broadcast.com. He is also a New York Times bestselling author. His latest book, Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges, reveals how we can use collaboration to drive our sales performance and grow our business. His talk today will center around the idea that genius is a team sport, and with the right process and approach, we can succeed where other organizations get stuck.

Tim Sanders’ Introduction for ​Love is the Killer App and Emotional Talent Topics

According to Tim Sanders, “People and innovative business relationships are the next big thing.” This former Yahoo executive has launched companies, built brands and now runs a media services company specializing in business trends, new media and human behavior.
Along the way, he’s developed strategies for building strong business relationships, honing leadership skills and putting the value back in people. In his view, it’s all about making connections. His first book, Love Is the Killer App was a New York Times and international best seller, translated into a dozen languages. His follow up, The Likeability Factor, focused on the concept of emotional talent and how it can impact our lives.
His fourth ​book,​ Today We Are Rich,​ shows teams how to instil a solutions-oriented, promise-keeping culture of highly confident and innovative people. He’s one of the top rated speakers on the conference and lecture circuit, and consults with an elite group of global brands. He’s passionate about the power of great relationships which will be the focus of his talk today.
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Tim Sanders Technical Requirements

NOTE: Tim Sanders will bring a USB memory stick containing his PowerPoint presentation.

Please provide the following for Tim Sanders:

  • Wireless HAND HELD microphone
  • Each presentation is totally customized for your group. Tim can either provide the presentation slides in advance or bring with him on a USB.

**NOTE:  Tim’s slides are done professionally so he requires at least 14 days notice if you need his presentation slides in advance. Without 14 days notice, we cannot guarantee that the slides will be available in advance. And if you require Tim’s presentation in advance, be advised that it will limit the amount of custom research he can do for you within the final 14 days before your event.