Tim Sanders - Rave Reviews

He had the highest rated session by attendees.

:: Jason Ferrara, Chief Marketing Officer, OutMatch
Tim did a fantastic job on our conference. He had the highest rated session by attendees. His preparation was excellent. We went to dinner the night before and he soaked up all the conversation and put it into his presentation the next day – impressive. He challenged some of the conventional thinking of the industry and he was helpful when he challenged. He never once told the audience they were wrong and then slammed the door. He did a book signing. The line was solid for the duration.

Still Buzzing About Your Message

:: Mike Esterday, ISA Connection, The Association of Learning Providers

“Thank you for an outstanding presentation today! We thoroughly enjoyed your energy, passion, and thought provoking personalized presentation.  We couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off to our annual business retreat. Our group was still buzzing about your message three days later.”

Your Hard Work, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence Are Evident

:: Irene Zinnel ​and Caryn Brown​, of Frost & SullivangovWJ8bAZhUVLGdMETSVBiTJmdCreCd1mh62zLh0kqc,KPZiU-Ihn-xmHVZToclaoupP83Pgks4Z9i3J13gw06o

Tim Sanders scored 4.8 out of 5.0. Here are some comments from our attendees. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence are evident from the following evaluation results we received on your session. ​Thank you for your significant contribution. ​


  • Very insightful
  • Delightful, provocative, heartfelt.
  • Best talk of the event. Clear message. Awesome.
  • Excellent. Great energy. Unexpectedly compelling.
  • Talent management key issue for us.
  • Excellent! Great reference sources and examples.
  • Best talk of conference keynotes!
  • Excellent and relevant topic! Could have listened to another hour on the subject.

Tim’s Message Was Spot-On With Our Group

:: Carrie Hanna , Chief Strategy Officer of Gunster

Tim’s talk was excellent! His message was spot- on with our group. I have received numerous positive comments and great feedback and I will say that I felt an energy shift with our group after our dinner… All in all, I believe the best outcome was achieved in that we have started the conversation about the importance of culture and many in the firm want to continue this conversation.

Perfect Match!

:: Candice Woodson, NACAS

Tim was absolutely great. Everyone loved hearing him. I, myself had the pleasure of working with him one on one and he was so personable and easy going. He was a perfect match for our conference. 

Far Beyond What I Expect from a Keynote Speaker

1TR9m1n_JPsSv7GHyaj2vMvk2vO3Y5HH9SVM4UjTFjg:: Jeff Strode, Vice President, Retail Division Manager of Alpine Mortgage Planning

Once again I just want to say that you “killed it” for us. You took the time to understand the message I wanted delivered and nailed it. Vegas can be an interesting place to have a venue because the expectations are always high (after all it’s Vegas). Somehow people think we are competing with circus acts, musicals and theatrical performances even though it’s a work event. You and your team, at your expense, brought in your own music, props and entertainment that goes far beyond what I expect from a keynote speaker. I am definitely looking forward to engaging your services and seeing how you can possibly top your last act!

Your Points Hit Home and Inspired Action

:: Jacquie Berger, Sports Management of ESPN

Thank you very much for attending and speaking at the Celebrate the Work event. Several of my colleagues and senior members gave you high marks both on your content and delivery. Your points about creativity and stimulating the whole brain really hit home and inspired people to start doing something about it.

Everything We Had Hoped For and More

:: Thomas P. Kane, President, Managing Member of Network Building + Consulting

Tim was absolutely phenomenal! It was a great event and Tim delivered an exceptional presentation to our conference, it was everything we had hoped for and more. If I can ever help you or Tim by providing a reference please let me know.

vJwuEFtMry_zR2L9sccZ-8rtfVUo0Q6ivPKVus9UCvwExactly What We Wanted

:: Elizabeth LaBouyer , Executive Director of California Ambulatory Surgery Association

You hit the target dead on. The subject and presentation was exactly what we wanted.  I had one Board member relay that they appreciated how it was at their level and useful, not just pie in the sky feel good messaging.  The person sitting next to me actually “yelped” their center and found their fish tank posted.  I even put into practice the email etiquette this weekend.

Tim Sanders Really Created a Buzz

UX7oKKtnkILQyZeDmdNbf9EXLSdd5zVnmfuS_w4q4uo:: Celeste M. Powers, Executive Director of Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Thank you for adding to the great success of ILMA’s 2013 Management Forum. The meeting had the best attendance of any Management Forum ever with 449 attendees and guests, and you received high praise on our survey. Thank you for helping make it such an enjoyable, productive event for our members!

I wanted to share with you some of the ILMA members’ comments on your address:
• “Fantastic speaker!”
• “Really convinced me to get into the 21st Century!”
• “Already have my IT folks adding Facebook, Twitter, etc. to our company webpages!”
• “I didn’t expect much. Boy, was I surprised!”
• “Real eye-opener. Loved his energy and command of the facts.”

We had many more requests than usual for passwords to our members-only website so your e-book could be accessed. You have really created a buzz.

Thank you again and i wish you all the best for your future.

Audience Couldn’t Stop Raving about Tim

:: Katie Schultz, Event Coordinator of ACTIVE Network

It went great! Tim is wonderful to work with and our audience LOVED him!!! They couldn’t stop raving about him and his presentation.

Presentation Hit Home with Chase Business Banking Audience

:: Erin R. Eblin, Vice President Events Marketing of Chase Business Banking

On behalf of Chase Business Banking, I’d like to thank you for the tremendous job you did as the presenter for our Chase Business Insight Seminars Series, “How to Win Business Using Social Media.”

During this 19-city event series, the message in your presentation truly hit home with our small business audience. Your presentation opened our clients’ eyes to issues within their businesses and gave them ideas to find solutions. In addition, it encouraged attendees to implement strategic “doing” to support the success and development of their businesses.

From the pre-event training call for our bankers to the time and effort you put into customizing this presentation and eBook for our audience, your message was well-coordinated with the objectives of Chase. According to one of our attendees, “I wanted to thank you for your invitation to the Chase Social Media Event. The program was fantastic as it was filled with extensive information about the history of marketing/advertising, the new marketing using social media and informative case studies. Truly, the session provided a road map to winning business using social media today. Tim Sanders was a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker.”

Your message helps solidify Chase’s commitment to providing our clients with the education and knowledge to take their business to the next level.

Ob0U22PnhNX6-57QIH987RlJoiS1uRU0I6bpb4HvmHYTrustworthy and Compelling Speaker

:: AGCO Parts

Tim did a wonderful job. To start, he is a compelling speaker. You can feel his passion for his subject. But he is not overly-polished like some speakers can be. Tim started his presentation by relating his family farming history. This helped him establish trust. He also mentioned working with other dealer organizations and having interviewed AGCO dealers. Again, more trust. I particularly liked the way he made the case for quality in terms of business health. The story of how quality as a discipline has evolved was also interesting. It set up well the premise that quality is best thought of in terms of a total experience. Tim then talked about the concept of how experiences can be segmented. This was useful in terms of providing dealers a way to act on improving the experience at their own dealerships. I also loved the content concerning the feedback loop. I have since talked about this in meetings here at AGCO as I believe that this is an important issue in terms of our own improvement. I have had requests for Tim’s presentation as well as a list of reference materials Tim mentioned. These requests prove my point. I would not hesitate to use Tim again or recommend him to others.

A Life Changing Experience

:: Janis Marville, Director, Human Resources of Central Bank of Barbados

On Friday, October 19, 2012, the Central Bank of Barbados brought Tim Sanders in to address their employees and some special invited guests on the area of emotional intelligence. Tim titled his talk, Emotional Talent: The Final Leadership Frontier. A very moved customer made these comments to our President, Karen Harris who promptly phoned Tim to thank him for helping to change the world one more time.

“At times the English language is truly inadequate to convey what I wish to express. To say that he exceeded our expectations is almost to reduce what he did. Customers and staff alike have said, ‘you should have brought him here for the whole day’  One of our sponsors has already volunteered to sponsor his trip back next year.  The whole bank is buzzing – it is exactly what they needed at this time. An employee said since on Friday that he has read everything he can read about Tim Sanders.  It was a life changing experience – he was just so on point – so authentic & humble; he totally feels and lives what he says.”

He was Simply the Best we Ever Had

:: Kristy Vinot, Manager, Revenue Resources of Cox Media Group

Tim’s presentation was fantastic and blew away our high expectations.  His presentation on building up your employees and why talent is everything was the perfect balance of engaging stories, researched facts and takeaways that could be implemented in our markets.
I would recommend Tim to any organization looking for an impactful and dynamic story about growing your people and why this is where you have to focus.  I do hope I have the fortune of seeing Tim speak again someday.

Your Words Were Impactful

:: President of Integrated Media Company

Tim,  Thank you for your presentation at our national sales conference in Orlando this week.  Your words were impactful to many of our leaders and fit closely to our values and special work we do in each of our markets.  Thanks for the idea session, I know we will take away many items to act upon.  I particularly liked your challenge about service and how we can do more through our conference and in each market.

The Best Speaker We Ever Had

:: Leslie Bonacum, VP of Communications of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

At the CCH User Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Tim Sanders exploded on twitter as the captivated audience members spread his message of #abundance instantaneously.

“I wanted to let you know that Tim Sanders spoke at the CCH User Conference today.  What a great event.  Our attendees were so positive about his speech – I’ve heard from many people that it was the best speaker we have ever had.  Lots of positive tweets also, and the session feedback ratings are very high.  Just wanted to let you know what a great success Tim was, and that it was a pleasure to work with him.”

Your Topic Hit Home!

:: Jimmy Taylor, VP, US Sales of IHG Hotels

Earlier this week, Tim Sanders gave a talk for several hundred Directors Of Sales and Marketing at IHG. He talked about the three ways to build a culture that delivers sales – confidence, connections and contribution. From the mind to the mouth to your actions…this prescription will help you win the deal or, as he explained yesterday, build the Love Story with your customer. See below for comments from a very happy VP of Sales.

“The message you delivered to our sales teams yesterday was absolutely perfect! I have received so many comments about how much your topic hit home with them. I appreciate the homework you did to prepare for our session and I hope to cross paths with you again in the future.”

Speech Was Both Insightful And Impactful

:: Larry English, President of Centric Consulting

Tim’s speech energized and inspired our company. I was impressed with how quickly Tim understood our culture, strategy and challenges. He developed a speech that was both insightful and impactful. Many of our employees said Tim was one of the best speakers they have heard.

Tim Sanders Personifies The Power Of One

:: Tracey Peyton, Senior Sales Manager of The Conference Center at NorthPointe

I had the opportunity of working with Tim Sanders for NorthPointe’s Third Annual Meeting Planner Summit. What I had envisioned before the event was exceeded tenfold by the delivery of his keynote—a combination of The Power of One and Today We are Rich. Tim has a way of taking his audience on a journey that evokes every emotion in a way that you, the everyday person, responds….not out of necessity but of want. He wanted to mingle and meet our attendees before, during and after the event to get a sense of the human condition, which fuels him. Actually, all I have heard since the event two weeks ago is that if we all had the fuel he gave to our attendees everyday, the world would be a better place. He not only preaches the Power of One, but he personifies it.

It Was Exactly What We Needed Said

:: Gary Nielson, Vice President, Retail of Republic Mortgage Home Loans

Tim was amazing – we couldn’t have hoped for it to be better – he nailed it – it was exactly what we needed said – outstanding!

More Positive Comments About Your Presentation than Any Other Single Item

:: Joe Staples, of Interactive Intelligence

I have to tell you, you rocked on Monday. I heard more positive comments about your presentation than any other single item from the conference. Thanks. Great job. We’ll look for opportunities to use you again in other venues.

Your Presentation, in Specific, was Incredibly Well Received

:: Dwight Gram, of Rich Products Corporation

Tim… I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for your outstanding presentation last week at our Leader Network Symposium. While we will be sending out a formal evaluation survey to all symposium attendees, I can tell you that the informal “buzz” has been tremendously positive thus far.  Your presentation, in specific, was incredibly well received… to the point that our Chairman, Bob Rich, Jr, will be referencing some of your key points when he delivers his own key note speech that he will be giving at one of our customer’s meetings next week.  I hear that you have been talking with some of our North American business reps about a possible return visit to Rich’s later this year.  If that happens, I will greatly look forward to seeing you again. In the meantime if you’d like, I’d be happy to share the formal evaluation comments and ratings of your presentation… just let me know… thanks again!

Impacted the YMCA Philanthropy Around the World Through His Message

:: Mary Zoller, of YMCA – NAYDO

Deanna and Melissa I would like to tell you that Tim Sanders was excellent as an Opening Keynote Speaker at NAYDO. With little time to change his plans, prepare for us in between other already scheduled engagements and speak on a topic designed for someone else, he did an exceptional job. And when I say exceptional I mean that many comments included the phrase “best NAYDO speaker ever”, “no way could original speaker been better”, “nailed the message the Y needed to hear” and I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, NAYDO was thrilled with Tim Sanders’ presentation and especially appreciated the time he spent privately with some groups in advance of the presentation due to his need to arrive a day early. Thank you so much for suggesting him to us. He has impacted YMCA philanthropy around the world through his message.

Job Well Done

:: Nancy DePaolo, of University Health System Consortium

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how pleased we were with your keynote address at UHC’s Performance Excellence Forum in Dallas on March 8.  After the conference, we distributed an electronic meeting evaluation and I am thrilled to share that you scored a 4.56 on a 5.0 scale.  In addition, there were several written comments complimenting you on your presentation.  Job well done, my friend!

I Personally had a Blast Working with You

:: John Chen, of MPI Cascadia

THANK YOU so much for speaking at Cascadia. I hope it was one of your most fun engagements of the year, I know I personally had a blast working with you, introducing you to my friends and sharing your value with the world.

You Understood Our Needs and Were a Pleasure to Work With

:: Kate Taylor, of Microsoft

I just wanted to say thanks you so much for helping make the past 2 events a HUGE success for Microsoft. It was magical how you connected with the audience. The feedback was that you really inspired them and touched them in a way that is more intimate than usual at a business function (especially financial services) helping us to build some great relationships.

Selfishly, it was also great to work with you – you understood our needs and were a pleasure to work with – easy going, professional and open.

Very Insightful and Inspiring

:: Claudio Frascoli, of Nokia Siemens Networks

Tim, As a quick follow up, I wanted to personally thank you for your contribution to our event in DC. I found your presentation very insightful and inspiring.

Exceptional in Every Way: Content, Delivery, Relevance, Presence and Energy

:: Trent Booth, of Vector Marketing Corporation

Hey Tim! I’m watching the video today from our 9/30 event in Dallas – WOW. You were truly exceptional in every way: content, delivery, relevance, presence and energy.

Again, thank you for loving on our people! Your event was on par with skipping my first day of college to see Jim Rohn: profound and life‐altering.

The Best Value Motivational Business Speaker on the Circuit

:: Mike Firth, of Yorkshire International Business Convention

Tim Sanders is the only speaker we have invited back in 14 years of running our convention. Simple reason – he delivers!

His presentations are informative and inspiring – our delegates don’t just listen, they take notes. This year Tim talked about ‘confidence’, he calls it his Mojo talk. Very timely and full of good, simple, take home advice. Tim never stops at the presentation. He then goes and works the tables at lunch, hands out his cards and says: please e‐mail me. He always responds.

This guy is probably the best value motivational business speaker on the circuit!

Attendees had Nothing But Praises for Your Session

:: Cookie Dorsey, of Texas Credit Union League

On behalf of the TechMecca Management Team, IBAT, SWACHA and TCUL, thank you so much for being a part of TechMecca 2008 recently held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The overall conference was rated 4.29 and your session was part of the reason for the success of this event.

Your keynote session, “Lessons Learned”, was rated 4.73 (5=excellent, 1=poor). Attached you will find comments from people who attended your session, and as you can see our attendees had nothing but praises for your session. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!

He Tailored His Speech to Fit the Theme of Our Day

:: Darrin Sennott, of LA Business Journal

Tim did an outstanding job. He tailored his speech to fit the theme of our day wonderfully and I received a lot of good feedback from our attendees.

Tim Sanders was the Perfect Prescription

:: Dan Young, of Thrivent Financial

At a time when our company needed to come together as a new organization, Tim Sanders was the perfect prescription. Not only did his presentations build bridges among individuals in our field organization, his focus on customer service gave our financial associates the skills and tools to build stronger relationships with our members.