Ty Bennett - Rave Reviews

Reviews of Ty Bennett

Ty did a great job!

:: Attendee, Coldwell Banker

“Ty did a great job and his presentation seemed to resonate well with our attendees.  I would definitely recommend him to other organizations.”

Our team walked away with a set of tools that has propelled all of us from a good engineering team into great influencers.

:: David Kosorok, Director, Application Security, Concur Technologies, Inc.

“When our security engineering team heard that Ty Bennett had been invited to speak, there was a high level of curiosity – how could an influencer and expert on leadership & storytelling help our engineers do their job better? After listening to Ty’s storytelling insights and combining that with his ability to break it down into logical and repeatable steps, our technical team walked away with a set of tools that has propelled all of us from a good engineering team into great influencers. Ty related to our analytical minds in such an engaging way that it changed for the better the way we approach security engineering and our ability to share information in an influential manner.”

Outstanding and inspirational


Thank you again for speaking at the 2017 FICP Winter Symposium!
Keynote feedback scores and comments follow. For reference, our
average overall evaluation was 4.50 out of 5.00.

Scores (out of 5)
Session Content Matched Description: 4.86
Obtained Information and Ideas Useful for my Work: 4.77
Handouts and Resource Material were Relevant and Useful: 4.76
Presenter Quality: 4.88
Overall Session Evaluation: 4.87

Additional Comments:
·         Fabulous presenter
·         Best speaker of the day.  Good ending.
·         Ty was amazing!  Great speaker!  Thanks for bringing him
·         Outstanding and inspirational
·         Great! I want his book
·         Really enjoyed this presentation. Thank you!
·         Ty was excellent.
·         This guy is great!
·         Great presenter
·         Fantastic speaker!

Ty has an amazing perspective on leadership.

:: James Fuller, Major Gifts Officer UW/Owner of Discovering History and Heritage/Historian/Researcher

I had the pleasure of hearing Ty speak at the Wyoming Non-Profit Conference hosted by the Wyoming Community Foundation. Ty spoke to our group during lunch on “Partnership is the New Leadership.” As a retired Air Force veteran and someone who has worked in several leadership positions during my 24 years in the military, Ty has an amazing perspective on leadership. Understanding those who work with you is imperative in reaching the goals set for your organization. This is not just knowing your employees but, having a true observant and empathetic approach to each team member. As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer this approach in leadership is essential to building a great team. If you have a team that is struggling to find their “fit”, Ty will assist you and your leadership in building a partnership that will lead your team to true success.

The most captivating speaker I have heard in years.

:: Sean Moore, Multi Line General Agent, Representing American National

Ty was the most captivating speaker I have heard in years. He is extremely passionate about helping his clients become better story tellers. You could feel his energy and his passion from the front row all the way to the back of the auditorium.

Ty was so engaging!

:: Michael Jones, E-Learning Developer / Manager Of Operations Services / Field Trainer / New Restaurant Opening Team Leader

I just witnessed an amazing speaking engagement by Ty at an industry conference. After hearing numerous other speakers that same morning, Ty came on stage to end the conference and instead of seeing signs in the audience of fatigue from listening to too many people in one morning, the entire audience was riveted. Ty was so engaging that his time slot was up before I thought it should be. I could have listened to him all day because as much as I was getting from his presentation, I knew there was still more. There was so much that I couldn’t get it all into my head during one presentation. Ideas were just popping off in my head and I was afraid my pen would run out of ink or that my hand would break the sound barrier from trying frantically to write down everything I was hearing and adding notes about what I was thinking based off of his speech. Hopefully, one day I will get to see him speak again!

Ty is an amazing speaker!

:: Marina Rusinow, Local Marketing Manager at General Assembly

Ty is an amazing speaker! He has an genuine talent for making people interested and excited about his stories but he also captivates an audience in a way that truly ads value. Most people attend company wide meetings for the food. Our group didn’t expect to leave feeling so inspired after Ty’s speech. We couldn’t remember what we had for lunch but we’ve continued to recite Ty’s takeaway points weeks after his presentation. Powerful stuff and he truly means every word! I highly recommend booking him for your next company-wide meeting.

I left inspired!

:: Morgan Richards, External Communications Marketing & Social Media Coordinator at Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.

Ty is a talented trainer and expert story teller. His storytelling training is the best I have had in the 7 years I have worked at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. As a digital content creator and online fundraiser, I left inspired to practice my storytelling more than what is demanded by deadlines. I actually started refining our end-of-year Holiday Giving email campaign based on what Ty taught us today!

Top notch!

:: Lisa Dell Alba President/ CEO Square One Markets Inc.

I had the opportunity to hear Ty speak at a convenience retailing conference. Ty’s presentation is the one that attendees will be talking about after the conference is over. Ty presented key concepts that you can apply immediately in any operation with respect to motivating and connecting with your team. His ease with the audience and his ability to engage his listeners is top notch.

I would 100% recommend his work to any company, individual or team!!

:: Team Lead – Aureus Medical, Erik Malmos

Today I had the pleasure to hear Ty speak for the first time. My initial thoughts were “here is another speaker my company has hired to wake us up this morning…”. My impression changed within the first 2 minutes of him starting his presentation! Ty’s message was not only direct & simple but it served purpose, it was relatable because it was real and he controlled the room. Understanding the power and effectiveness of influence is something I feel can’t be taught or bought, but learned. I could feel the honesty, understand his journey/how he got to where he is today and appreciate his input. I am looking forward to reading his book, The Power of Influence and applying the basics right away. Even though we had him for about an hour today – I would 100% recommend his work to any company, individual or team!!

I would Pay Money to Hear Him Speak again and again!

:: Milo Milosevich Director of Sales and Distribution at Financial Independence Group….We are great at what we do and only getting better

Ty was a recent Keynote speaker at our National Sales Symposium and all I can say is BOOK THIS MAN NOW!!! Ty has a fabulous gift of speaking with enthusiasm, humour, but most of all Ty is spot on for helping to shape and form a thriving business culture. I would pay money to hear him speak again and again.

Fantastic Job of Engaging the Audience

:: Lynette Arrasmith Senior Manager Mortgage Lending, NMLSR 400322 at First National Bank of Nebraska

Ty was brought into our organization to speak to our Leadership Team about The Power of Influence. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and passion around the subject as well as the confident manner in which he presented his material. A great reminder to be interested, not interesting; we lead individuals who make up a team; and your actions tell a story that the people around you absorb and respond to. Ty did a fantastic job of engaging the audience with his ‘story’ that will help us all be better as Leaders. 

Innovative Suggestions

:: Carol Johnson, JD Director of Donor Relations at Christian Living Communities

Ty knocked our socks off at the Colorado Planned Giving Symposium last week. Not only is he a great speaker, but he gave us innovative suggestions on how to improve our non-profit storytelling including before and after examples. 

So Personable and Applicable to My Life

:: Ethan Fernandes Business Intern at Horizon Community Church

I had the opportunity to hear Ty speak at a AFP conference this past weekend. I didn’t know what to expect but in the first few minutes the message he was delivering was so personable and applicable to my life. His message has helped me reflect on my leadership experiences and helped understand the power of influence. I am looking forward to reading Ty’s book on the power of storytelling and would recommend him to any business or conference! Fantastic!!!


:: BNY Mellon

Fantastic!!! Great speaker and person.

Your Presentation was Awesome!

:: Executive Director, Planned Giving Roundtable of Southeast Michigan

Thank you for the inspirational keynote presentation you gave at our Development Day Conference. Your presentation “The Power of Storytelling” was awesome!

Feedback from Attendees:

  • Engaging, directly related to our work. Will apply techniques presented
  • Tay’s presentation was excellent. He was fun, engaging, and interesting. This was by far the best presentation of the day.
  • Great. The best storytelling presentation I have ever seen or heard… and I have heard many!
  • Very dynamic and engaging; I could related to his examples. His information is something I can take away with me to use immediately.
  • Wow – awesome! Great practical ideas for me to use on multiple levels – business level and nonprofit level. Thank you so much!

Best Speaker by Far

image4:: Peak Advisors Alliance

Robert is the richest, Dan is the smartest but you are the best speaker by far.

Your contribution as a speaker was invaluable.

:: Brian D Heckert, CLU, ChFC, First Vice President, Million Dollar Round Table

What a journey! When the 2015 Annual Meeting Program Development Committee (PDC) made the decision to change the meeting format, it was not without from trepidation and concern about how MDRT members would react.

The sell-out attendance in New Orleans confirmed the PDC’s vision to offer a program providing more sharing of ideas and opportunities for networking was exactly what our members wanted.

Thank you for being a part of the 2015 MDRT Annual Meeting. In addition to proving excellent content, your willingness to work with the new format and incorporate Participant Centred Learning strategies in your presentation was most appreciated.Ty red carpet

We appreciate the time you took in preparing and sharing you insights and expertise with our members. Your contribution as a speaker was invaluable.

You played a significant role in the success we experienced in New Orleans.

Thank you again, and wish you continued success!

Feedback from SHRM NE Conference:

  • He is a great speaker. He does it with humour and is very engaging. Loved this session!!
  • Ty was great! 
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!! 
  • Great presenter! I attended the endnote presentation was very motivating, provided some interesting tips to influence and make strong relationships. Wish I could have attended his regular session! 
  • Great speaker and I love the book! 
  • Great inspirational message! 
  • Engaged the audience; great advice 
  • Very useful information 

Such a Postive Message

:: Kim Crocker, Kemin​

Ty did an amazing job speaking and our group had many positive comments regarding.  He covered everything we discussed at our pre phone conversation in a way that our group responded well to.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ty on a personal level.  He’s a wonderful young man with an opportunity to touch many lives with such a positive message.

The Feedback from Attendees Is Excellent!

:: Sophie Dazin, Program Manager of Seminarium Internacional

I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your insightful and energetic presentation yesterday. From what I’ve seen, I’m not the only one to think your session was fantastic; the feedback from attendees is excellent! All in all the event was an overall success, so once again, thank you!

Your Message Helped the Audience Understand the Whole EventOtUrCR611C4_yF1SAodZBpe4W8zOCgUI4NNhy2Du6T0

:: Chris Longstreet, Director of Learning Experiences of Choice Hotels​

When we design learning experiences, we envision many things from goals and objectives to the feelings and emotion people will feel during the whole experience of a learning event. As we have worked with you, you seem to grasp what all this means and tailor your message to the audience to get them to understand the whole instead of the individual parts of an event. Thank you for your efforts over the past three weeks.  If you ever need a reference or recommendation, you send them to me and I will tell them how well you work with your client, how you are able to integrate your message into the theme of an event, how your interactive style engages the audience, and your desire to connect with the audience in ways that make an impact.

Huge Hit

:: Curtis Hoehne, Director, Global Events – ​Nature’s Sunshine​
“Ty was a huge hit with the audience. His message was valuable and very engaging.”

Various Testimonials from Direct Sales Companies

:: Various,, of Direct Sales Companies

A great primer to hone your craft of storytelling, to increase your influence.”
– Randy Gage, Top Agel Distributor & Author of the New York Times bestseller, “Risky Is the New Safe”

“Super solid material. Stories are powerful…and this book shows you exactly how to craft them and be more influential and persuasive in all that you do.”
Todd Falcone, Network Marketing Leader and Professional Speaker

“Ty, thank you for your How to Tell Your Story Workshop at our Leadership Summit 2012. We have received extremely positive feedback from participants and thank you for helping make our event a success!”
dz4TLe6zB6i249j3laXg92dsD4DN4ipsYAzW7cIxLeI– Matt Hall, Nuskin VP of Sales North America

“I have heard countless mentors talk about the importance of telling your story or that network marketers are highly paid storytellers – but I have never had anyone break it down and teach the process of storytelling in such a clear and concise manner. Thank you! “
-Charles Reed, PrePaid Legal

“Ty, I recently purchased your training course on story telling. ‘Facts Tell Stories $ell’. I’m already a successful Network Marketer, based in Australia (#1 for my company here in AU). I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the content and training you provide in your course. If I could narrow it down to a single skill in Network Marketing that would lead to the most success, it would be the ability to present stories that inspire others into action. But what I am now learning from you is that Story Telling can become a CRAFT, a skill that can be honed to multiply our effectiveness many times. In providing your training via video classes you have given me the ability to study and practice your art over and over again. I fully intend to use your training for years to come. Network Marketers NEED your Story Telling Training more than any other!”
-Ian Parkin, Top Send Out Cards Distributor

“Your storytelling insight is the missing piece to me reaching the level of success I want in the business. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Isaac Dorrel, Amway

“Ty, you are very sincere and genuine, not salesy or gimmicky, which are great attributes. I felt like a student at a master’s feet learning some very valuable skills and tools.”
-Doug Lange, Melaleuca

“Wow! I have been told that I am a good story teller and that people relate to the story’s but I didn’t realize I was doing all that. Besides being a great story teller you have the gift of clarity. You make things so….. what would I say? personable and easy to apply. This is going to take my business to the next level!”
-Robyn Gamble, ScentsyaRG7PqIwtfTqChvshPEWt6gBRmgSfDt4Ka3q9LNGDH8,uoDrVF9fUx8whQjA6E9eUdbnvmxS6y-mfdvHh0Be3p8

Outstanding comments on your Keynote from ITA

:: Mark Baker, Keynote Chair, Information Technology Alliance/Chief Information Office of WIPFLI

A quick note to say that I collected a lot of very positive comments. Outstanding, best ever, top notch – you hit it out of the park!

I Thought It Was the Best Keynote We’ve Ever Had

:: Jennifer Warawa, Vice President & General Manager of Sage Accountant Solutions at Sage

I really enjoyed your keynote at the ITA Conference this morning. In fact, I told the organizers that I thought it was the best keynote we’ve ever had. Thanks for doing a great job of reminding us about the most important parts of leadership.

Ty’s Session Motivated Our Team to ChangeKYV85VEXsQ1feay3ZoME3EGuC-dseFoF5YHvo0v7fMw

:: Holly Boyer , National Marketing Manager of Interstate Emergency Recovery

You’ve provided us with the storytelling tools for more interesting and engaging conversations. … Our team walked away from the session motivated and determined to change how they approach conversations moving forward.

Best Speaker We Had Ever Hired

:: Gary Turnidge , of Subway Inland Development NW

The feedback from our audience was extremely positive and we heard consistently that he was the best speaker we had ever hired. In fact, we conducted a survey and our organization voted to have him back again this year!

Ty was Phenomenal

:: , of Paparazzi Accessories

We would absolutely recommend Ty for any event! He was phenomenal!

We’re Already Putting Your Concepts to Good Use

:: David Norton , Assistant Vice President of Xactware

Your concepts are easy to understand and were presented in such a way that we are already putting them to good use in the field. … Thank you again for teaching us The Power of Storytelling.

Far Exceeded Expectations

:: Ed Slott , Founder of Ed Slott’s elite IRA Advisor Group

Ty Bennett far exceeded expectations as the keynote speaker for our premier conference. He quickly engaged the audience with laughter, questions, stories, and invaluable lessons for anyone looking to gain more influence and trust with prospective clients. I was particularly impressed at how he related his message directly to our audience of financial advisors. Ty received rave reviews on hundreds of evaluations, and that is from an experienced and critical group who see top speakers all the time.

Concepts Presented to Attendees Were Directly Helpful

:: JJ Acker , 2012 Conference Speaker Coordinator of Utah Society of Certified Public Managers

The overwhelming majority, (greater than 95%) of our attendees indicated that the concepts presented would directly help them in their workplace activities.

After Ty Left, We Continue to Sell Better Each Week

:: Phillip Nielsen , Owner of Moxie Pest Control Raleigh

Two weeks after Ty left, we had our best sales week of the entire summer and continue to sell better each week. Thanks Ty.

Ty’s Stories will Hit Home

:: Bill Morgan , CEO of Networth Real Estate Group

His ability to connect with people on a higher ground is a testament to his love of his work. He motivated me to think a little differently about goals and aspirations. His stories will hit home and demonstrate how to accomplish that which you desire most. Ty amazed me with his ability to captivate our group with his experiences and stories. Awesome!

Our Members Adored Mr. Bennett and His Speaking Style

:: Saurabh Mahajan , President of Oregon DECA

Mr. Bennett spoke at the 2012 Oregon DECA State Career Development Conference in front of approximately 1,000 future leaders and entrepreneurs. His message kicked off our conference, and truly inspired our members to work hard in competition over the next 2 days, and always “play to win.” All of our members adored Mr. Bennett and his speaking style, because he was able to connect with the audience and interact with all of us on a personal level. As the conference progressed, I was able to use his message to answer questions for members when they came up to me and asked “How can I be successful?” For my peers and I, remembering to “play to win” is crucial for our success, because as we learn in DECA, it’s all about going the extra mile.

Ty Incorporated Our Vision and Goals into His Presentation

:: Joy Lambright Liechty , Financial Event Planner of Everence

As a planner, I see success when participants connect with the presenter and the presenter genuinely connects with the participants and incorporating our vision and goals (not theirs) into the presentation. Ty, you did both, thank you.

Universal Message and Customized Examples

:: Cari Maser , Vice President and Conference Chair of Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network

I believe Ty’s message on leadership and influence is universal, but his examples were customized to our industry and his ideas were ones that everyone felt would make them more effective.

Spot On and Humorous

:: William E. Rappleye , President & CEO of Draper Chamber of Commerce

Ty delivered the subject matter spot on and with humor that grabbed and held the attention of our conference attendees.

Your Expertise in Communicating Your Message Was Second to None

:: Todd Carpenter , Development Agent, Nebraska and South Dakota of Subway

During my 22+ years operating my Subway Development Agent Company I have had the occasion to “enlist” several guest speakers. I would say that this presentation was by far the best presentation we have ever been blessed with in our territory. Your expertise in communicating your message was second to none.

I Have Never, Ever Seen Such a Great Presentation!

:: Jodi Hoynoski , of Holstein Foundation

His gentle and sincere presentation style is like nothing I have seen before in such a powerful keynote. In survey feedback, one attendee said “I have never, ever seen such a great presentation!” “On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being best, the audience gave him an average rating of 4.95!

His Presentation was Perfect

:: Lisa Palmer , Conference Chair of UPCCA

His presentation was perfect. He spoke directly to our industry giving key analogies and information.

Highly Recommended Leadership Speaker

:: Liz Hall , Executive Director of C&A Industries, Inc.

I would highly recommend Ty to speak at any event where leadership is being discussed. He is particularly effective in businesses that are “people-related.”

Enjoyable and Timeless

:: Jon Rahl , Board Member of ODMO

I had countless comments about participants’ enjoyment and the timeliness of your talk.

If You’re Tired of Hype, I highly recommend Ty

:: Sandy Martinez , Million Dollar Circle Member, Top Leader of Nuskin Philippines

We had Ty speak at our sold out leadership event of over 1000 people and our people were awed, and deeply impacted by his training. Many speakers can speak but few are as effective and have as much depth as Ty. If you’re tired of hype, and want training that has lasting impact, which translates into real world results, I highly recommend Ty. His concepts on building influence are critical to anyone who wants to create huge results in Direct Sales/MLM. He is a truly rare find in this industry.

Ty Proved He Not Only Educates, But Also Entertains

:: Joseph E. Cordell , Principal of Cordell & Cordell Law Firm

We hired Ty Bennett to coach our law firm’s leaders about performance management, but we ended up getting so much more than that. His lessons on leadership taught us how to empower and influence people. Filled with anecdotes to re-affirm his points, his fresh and engaging presentation captivated our employees. Ty proved he not only educates, but also entertains.

Applicable and Fresh

:: David Westergaard , CFO of Riddle’s Jewelry

You blended a very unique blend of applicable management concepts with a style that is engaging, transparent and fresh.

Thanks for Doing Such an Outstanding Job!

:: Richard Schelp , of Executive Speakers Bureau

I got great feedback on you from the client! Thanks for doing such an outstanding job! I truly believe that you were their favorite speaker of all time!

Message of Integrity, Influence and Leadership Resonated with Everyone

:: Abbie Westra , Executive Editor, Fare Magazine of CSP Information Group

From management-level all the way up to CEOs, your message of integrity, influence and leadership resonated with everyone in the room.

Ty Helped Us Think Outside the Box

:: Kelli Katlin , of Blue Cross Blue Shield

We had Ty Bennett as the closing speaker at our national conference. Everyone left that day feeling energized. I believe everyone was impressed with Ty’s personable style and helping us all to start thinking outside the box in today’s difficult climate. We have had tough changes in the healthcare industry lately and Ty’s perspective and humor helped. I hope to have the opportunity to hear Ty again. He was terrific!

We Now Know How to Lead With More Impact

:: Brad Deschamp , General Sales Manager of McKie Ford

Through your clear message, we now know how to lead with more impact by making it all about others.

Ty’s Message Applicable to Any Group

:: Michael Deal , HR Director of Common Cents Convenience Stores

Ty’s message, ease of delivery style, and personal touch make his presentation applicable to any group.

New Insights Every Time I Hear Ty Speak

:: Jim Crystal , Principal of Salt Communications

I have had the pleasure of engaging with Ty on three separate speaking engagements this year and his message is so powerful that there are insights to be gained every time.

Clear, Concise and on Target

:: Rick Pickering , VP, National Accounts of Nestle Water

Your message was clear, concise and on target in regards to leadership, listening and investing in people.

You did not disappoint!

:: Jay Bunkowske , Director, Training & Operations of Smokey Bones

You did not disappoint! You took the time to study our concept and made your message our own at the Conference.

Kept the Audience Involved Throughout the Presentation

:: Johnnie R. Miller , Chief Executive Officer of UCIP

Thank you so much for your presentation, “Motivating the Motivator,” at the recent Utah Counties Personnel Workshop. Comments by those in attendance have been very positive. You did a great job keeping the group involved throughout your presentation.