Vinh Giang

The Psychology of Illusion

Entrepreneur of the Year, magician and coach, Vinh Giang (pronounced Jang) has built businesses from a very young age. He loves both business and magic; this has led him to discover many common threads between these two worlds. Vinh has devoted himself to understand the ways in which people are fooled by illusions, and by the tricks that life plays on us and that we play on ourselves. Through identifying and understanding how this occurs, he unlocks the minds of his audience, opening them to new possibilities.




During Vinh’s keynotes, he not only talks about his message, he demonstrates it using audience volunteers. He incorporates all 5 senses into the learning experience. He proves his message to your attendees – after all they do say, “Seeing is believing.”

  •  Kick off your conference with high energy, fun and optimism while opening up the minds of the audience to new possibilities.
  •  Inspire the audience to collaborate with one another at the conference and to continue the conversation post-conference.
  •  Change the way challenges are perceived by igniting a whole new perspective.
  •  Bring out their inner child, the one part of them that still believes anything is possible.
  •  Dispel negative beliefs and learn how to create new positive ones. “After all what you believe is real is more important that what is actually real.” Vinh Giang
  •  Create a truly unique experience for your attendees, something they’ve never experienced at any other conference before.

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