Vinh Giang - Rave Reviews

:: National Insulation Association Attendees
  • Wow. This was a great presentation & presenter! Great stage presence, passionate delivery of message.
  • Not only entertaining, but eye-opening to the value of attaining new perspectives – relevant to all industries and their professionals. More like this in the future!
  • A+++!!  Amazing Speaker!  Excellent message and very effective delivery!  
  • Fabulous!  Great job Vinh! Right spot on the money with your message and highly entertaining.  Both entertaining and carried a good message.  
  • One of the best speakers I’ve heard. 
:: Sara Davis, Think Up Consulting |Marriott Select Brands General Managers Conference​

“Vinh was perfection. His ability to captivate the audience’s attention and keep them engaged the whole time was incredible, especially considering most of the audience was probably exhausted from three days of hard conferencing in New Orleans. The standing ovation he received at the end was well-deserved. Not to mention, the guy is just really ​f​unny and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

:: VP Corporate Communications, Ki | 2017 Feedback

This was my favorite session and an excellent kick off to ISM. I thought that Vinh Giang did an incredible job of presenting innovative and thoughtful content and did it in a way that was interesting – he told stories. Which is often what we are trying to do with our products. I also felt that his guidance that you are a ‘direct reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with’ was the best NEW thing I have heard in a long time. 

  • Vinh’s ability to use magic as a metaphor and to share his story and relate it to everyone was incredible. He was incredibly compelling and I came away from his presentation far more motivated. He is an excellent presenter and is a memorable person overall. 
  • Best speaker of the whole event. Content and entertainment were integrated perfectly, and extremely relevant to the audience. I would have loved to see more of him than just the one session.
  • This is the kind of presentations that make KI look like players in the industry. Hip, on point and cool 
:: David Woodcock | Regional Manager | Elders Financial Planning

“Vinh is great to do business with, tailoring a presentation that met our objectives and exceeded our expectations. Vinh received the highest feedback rating from the conference delegates. We would strongly recommend Vinh.

:: Executive Director | Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc.

“You did an awesome job at RIMS2016. Unsolicited rave reviews from an overwhelming number of attendees after your presentation. It was a great pleasure speaking with you “back stage”. You were great to work with and you managed to help me relax. Enjoyed your message and the fun. Still can’t figure out how you got all of that info on the scroll of paper in the box.”​

:: Frank Palumbo | General Manager Retail Sales & Marketing | Liquor Marketing Group

“Thank you for you performance at Tuesday’s annual members conference. The business session was delivered exactly to the brief provided. The feedback from members is above all expectations. Killer execution is a key pillar in our strategy and there is no doubt that you have enhanced members ability to understand the significance of the value that can be created with execution by every member on a daily basis.

The evening entertainment will be talked about and remembered by all in attendance for a very long time. Your generosity of time by engaging every table is sincerely appreciated and valued.

Vinh you have extraordinary talent, delivered with professionalism whilst always remaining humble and making your audience crave for more.”

::  Tammy White | Senior Manager | Community Banking & Engagement

“You have given our delegates the chance to say ‘WOW’ and I’ve had direct feedback from delegates who have not only taken your messages of perception, belief and influence back to their local communities but are implementing some of your strategies.

Your mix of magic and business experience along with your immense skill in telling a story and encouraging people to believe in themselves and their ability was exactly what was needed at this year’s conference, particularly as our theme was Together We Are Bigger. As a corporate entity with 310 community partners, it’s easy to fall into an us (Bendigo Bank the corporate entity) versus them (individual communities) mentality. And vice versa. Your presentation reinforced that yes, we’re all in this together. Individually we can achieve great things but together, we can achieve even greater things.”

:: Doug Misner | CEO | Liquor Marketing Group

“Vinh – just a quick note to thank you for your efforts yesterday. I suspect sometimes even you don’t realize how profound your impact can be. The feedback was brilliant – your message hit more loud and clear.”

:: Corenet Global

“My friend, in American baseball speak, you not only hit a home run, you hit it out of the park!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I only heard really exceptional comments.  You really raised the bar and I bow from afar to you for doing so! I had an unexpected close-up view of a very special moment that I’d like to share with you.  I only wish that I’d had my phone’s video on record it.  The first gentleman that you called up on the stage happened to sit right in front of me.  During your story of trust and the importance of having each other’s back, he turned to the man on his left tapped him on the back and they turned and smiled at each other.  It was a genuine, spontaneous, and truly powerful moment. My words don’t do it justice, but  I’m grateful to have witnessed it.  While not recorded on my phone, it is indeed a most precious memory.” 

  • “Spectacular – used magic and his personal energy to tell a compelling story of how to succeed in life. Perspective, Influence and Beliefs – simple really yet so many miss the cues in life to really jump high. Best motivation I have heard for years!”
  • “Engaging, humorous, good take-aways that I’ll remember due to the entertaining nature of the presentation.”
  • “Fun, engaging and relevant. Good choice to make some important points on kick starting innovation. Having a variety of different types of speakers can change your perspective and that was one of his main points.”
  • “Entertaining and provocative. Helps you realize what you think you see, may not be reality.”
  • “Absolutely amazing. Great conversation and insight, unbelievable speaker. Great interview also and interaction. THANK YOU!!!!!”
  • “Great use of fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking stories from Brian and good, fun questions Vinh on the importance of curiosity to push ideation and innovation. Great session!”
:: Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow
​”​Vinh Giang is pure magic – an electric on​-​stage presence that delivers high entertainment value with an optimistic business message. He is an ideal fit for ​corporate sales incentive, marketing or ​association events where the organizers really want to create a sense of delight, awe and audience participation.”​




:: Project Management Institute

“Vinh was so well received in fact that my boss asked that we use him again at one of our upcoming meetings. Unfortunately, he is getting married during our meeting in Orlando, Florida in October. However we have another meeting in London in May. I know it’s really short notice, but could you check if he would be available on Saturday, May 9? We would love him to do a late afternoon keynote and possibly do the entertainment and our reception that evening.” 

:: Braaap

“Vinh is a package deal. He is young and vibrant, full of energy and carries presence anytime he speaks. Vinh lights up a room with a fun mix of humor, magic and most importantly strategy. I love watching Vinh on stage and you always leave with an outcome. A nice guy, full of energy, smart as anything, funny, a great stage presence and great content. I don’t usually write testimonials but get this guy to your next event.”


“Vinh is dynamic, likable, well prepared, entertaining, and invokes action.”

:: ChiBall World

“The way Vinh delivers his personal experiences of the road to success are both interesting an insightful.”

:: Andrew Leunig & Associates

“Vinh is engaging regardless but when he also weaves his magic into the presentation his ability to hold your attention moves up another notch again. Highly recommended!”

:: BDO Australia Limited

“With his team, Vinh really refreshed the audience, bringing humor to the fore. Having to condense their presentation to just three minutes was a challenge, but they achieved it with great theming and timing.”

::ASOFIA Future Summit

“Great feedback from all who attended. Vinh held the audience spell bound for the entire time.” 

:: People’s Choice Credit Union

“All of our delegates rated Vinh 100% excellent. I don’t think you can get any better than that!

:: Nova Systems 

 “Vinh shone through and adapted his delivery. BRILLIANT! Great personality, full of energy, honesty and talent. Very flexible under the circumstances, which we greatly appreciated. Our crowd of 200 really enjoyed his performance, a definite winner! Nice short, sharp after dinner entertainer.” 

::  Adelaide Airport

“Vinh oozes enthusiasm and energy and connects with everyone in the room. You can’t help but like him. He is extremely well read and links his magic presentation as a visual representation of the concepts he conveys. He is reliable and an all round really nice guy. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to use him as a presenter. He will thrill your audience as he did ours.”


:: Flinders University

“Flinders Living employed Vinh Giang to speak and perform at our Residential Staff training program, our Resident Student Club Leaders training program and at our New Arrivals program. I was present at all three presentations and was equally enamored at the third as I was at the first. Vinh’s performance skills are superb with extraordinary connections being made with all participants in all three contexts. He is a magician in many ways – not only in performing magic itself which is fun, entertaining and has a real ‘wow’ factor as he bluffs everyone with his skill – but the true magic comes from his ability to use magic as a way of demonstrating to us how erroneous our thinking often is. How we make assumptions that become limiting beliefs and that these then contribute to a half lived life. Every single one of the students who were privileged to watch Vinh opening up opportunities for them was impressed and has continued to discuss what they learned in the intervening weeks. Vinh is so warm and generous and a wizard at making people feel that they are seriously important to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough for sheer entertainment and more so, for his sheer brilliance in encouraging us to rethink our lives and our limitations and to reach for the stars.” 

:: South Australia Government

“Vinh Giang was just amazing, so easy to talk to and fabulous at performing… but performing with purpose, it wasn’t just about ‘magic tricks’, he really connected with our audience and used his tricks to deliver solid messages.”


:: Tafe SA

“Excellent presentation, Vinh exceeded our expectations and will highly recommend him to other teams within our organisation.” 

:: City of Onkaparinga

“Vinh has a talent for engaging a large room of people with diverse backgrounds, conveying his points with energy, humor and enthusiasm and taking people along on the journey with him. I think he can make believers out of the most hardened and sceptical individuals! In all of this, he comes across as a genuine, regular guy with some challenging and thought-provoking ideas to share. All too often speakers can appear mechanical or ‘full of their own bluster’ for want of a better term. Vinh is nothing like this – he believes what he says and he lives it. His success is proof of that. He’s a great speaker and entertainer.”

:: Tetra Pak

 “Vinh’s communication skills are of the highest calibre and both his on-stage and off-stage presence and energy is captivating. He delivered his material of exceptional quality that was beyond my expectations, and because he is extremely humble, this is what makes him the professional he is.” 

:: Australian Sonographers Association

 “Vinh was very engaging. Feedback from the attendees was that they really enjoyed his presentation. I think the fact that it was interactive also created a level of excitement amongst the delegates. I am pretty certain that those that missed out on the breakfast would have been disappointed once they heard the feedback from others. He worked well with the AV team and for me personally he was very easy to deal with, from our first phone call to meeting up early in the morning.

:: Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd

“Fantastic entertainer. I have recommended him to other colleagues already.
” 145