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Yossi Ghinsberg Introduction

In the midst of the uncharted Amazon, after losing his three companions, alone and bare to the bone, one man was tested to the extreme for three harrowing weeks of sheer survival against all odds.

He lived to tell the amazing story as well as how the ordeal profoundly affected his understanding of himself and his life purpose. Ten years later, Yossi Ghinsberg returned to the Amazon and made it his home. Working with indigenous forest dwellers for three years they built Cha-la-lan, a model eco-tourism village that inspired the entire Amazon basin and the world.

The following decade of his life he dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of opiate addicts around the world. Yossi now travels the planet sharing his universal messages of strength, hope and inspiration. Author of the international best-seller „Heart of the Amazon‟ now published as ‘Jungle’, Yossi’s message is bound to touch your heart.

***Let’s watch a short video clip from “Escape from the Amazon,” the film recently released by Discovery Channel.

Ladies & gentlemen please welcome…Yossi Ghinsberg!

Yossi Ghinsberg Tech Requirements

  • Laptop and LCD projector and large screen
  • Yossi brings a DVD or memory stick with him with the intro segment
  • A cordless lavaliere (lapel) microphone
  • A small bottle of still water – no ice please
  • Podium must be stage left or right at the rear of the stage
  • Yossi is a very animated speaker and usually stands at the forefront of the stage facing the audience directly while pacing up and down the stage
  • It is important for Yossi to maintain eye contact with his audience
  • Please ensure the stage is close to the audience
  • Please ensure the audience and Yossi are appropriately lit and if possible no direct spotlight shining on his face

Video Taping

Yossi is happy to be videotaped – prior written approval must be obtained regarding the copyright of the video tape – Yossi requires a copy of the videotaping on MiniDV or DV-Cam.

Please contact his management team by emailing events@cmispeakers.com to request the copyright agreement.