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Yossi Ghinsberg Creates A Profound Experience For The AudienceXLmbgiKo1egNA-0M7Fgs_Wk_OnN6jKH9W-ijYf__em8

:: Anne Manson, VP, Strategic Business Development of CI Investments

You gave everything and more than I could have hoped for in your speech, your demeanor and in graciousness. Many people have commented to me how moved they were by your amazing story, by your honesty, humility and the courage you showed us by sharing the impact your journey had on you as a human being. I am honored to have met you and to have had the privilege of creating, through you, a profound experience for the audience. I am also glad that you felt welcomed by Steve, me and the entire group. Thank you for being so generous with your time and joining us for the evening events. That made the whole experience even more wonderful for us.

Yossi Exudes The Qualities For Survival In The Corporate World

:: Dr. Santrupt B Misra, CEO, Carbon Black Business & Director, Group H.R. of Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Yossi Ghinsberg spoke at the Leadership Conference of the Aditya Birla Group on 11th December 2010. Narrating his experiences of fighting nature’s wrath all by himself while lost in the depths of the Amazon left each one of us awestruck.  Strength, a positive bent of mind and the hunger to survive is what Yossi exudes, all equally important qualities for survival in the Corporate world. His simplicity in recounting his Amazon tales sans a fraction of fear, speaking straight from his heart left everyone humbled for this great gift bestowed on us called ‘life’. The Aditya Birla Group is grateful to Yossi Ghinsberg for having eloquently shared his survival experiences from the Amazon and thereby making a positive difference to each individual present that day, in encouraging them to treasure their special life. He was truly moving and yet inspirational.

4MtlAMieXpdihelJ7Q4H_45SE38U7P4PhKdaNDBRsvUWe Evaluated About 400 Speakers Before Settling On Yossi

:: Scott Lochridge, Founding Partner of Deckers Outdoor Corporation

We had the great privilege of engaging Yossi Ginsberg as the keynote speaker for a week-long strategic off-site meeting with the entire leadership team. The meeting represented a critical milestone for the company and we needed to find the right person to inspire our attendees. We probably evaluated about 400 speakers before settling on Yossi. From the moment we made contact, we were impressed by his energy, creativity, and commitment to our objectives. He worked closely with the team developing the content for the meeting and tailored his message to fit perfectly with our corporate objectives. He is a phenomenal storyteller. His experience and his ability to enthrall an audience is unparalleled. During his talk, you could hear a pin drop – the audience was hanging on his every word. He talks from the heart and does not present a pre-packaged or canned message. He told his own story, but included so many life and professional lessons that our team was talking about the speech for days during and after the event. His preparation ensured that the speech not only enraptured the audience but hit many of the major themes of our strategic off-site. If you are looking for someone who can help you move your organization to a new perspective, I could not recommend him more highly.

Full of Suspense, Inspiration and Elicited Many Emotions

:: Sharon Carty, of Mackenzie Financial

On behalf of Mackenzie Financial and our clients, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Mackenzie University 2010 conference. Wow! Your talk was full of suspense, inspiration and elicited many emotions from our audience. You have had the highest book sales for any presenter in the history of the tour.

You are Inspiring, and Have Made a Big Impression

:: Ziad Makkawi, of Algebra Capital

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and sharing with us of yourself and your experiences. It is indeed your Gift to do so and you do it very well. You are inspiring, and have made a big impression on my family and I thank you for that.3HpefzpoUXAoNkvcxY92bAsmPDXQ1FT31Z1ybS-BDFI

The Highest-Rated Speaker

:: Peter Chenoweth, of CoreNet Global

Yossi was the highest-rated speaker at the Auckland 2008 Symposium, with an incredible 6.6 rating on CoreNet’s standard seven-point scale.

A Fresh New Perspective at Looking at the Business

:: Mars Sota Jr., of BP Asia Pacific

It was definitely a pleasure meeting you, and hearing a wealth of experience that not many of us would go through. No doubt in my mind when we chose you that you would give us a fresh new perspective at looking at the business, especially of managing our people and ourselves. I believe that only when we come to grips with ourselves that we become effective and efficient leaders. Attached is my feedback. Yossi’s sharing of his life story was a subtle way of looking ourselves at a mirror, introspecting right down to the very fabric of our personality that’s often clouded by volumes, numbers and profits, and rediscover those champion genes flowing in our blood. Really going back to the basics and what is essential. I would call our session a gentle jerk on the brain and the being- very refreshing and reassuring.

A Gifted Teacher with a Unique Ability to Present Complex Ideas in Conceivable Words

7OEboNyei3xXwaDxz_LHbuT_BOoJRF_Fkqc5j_gapUE:: Bert Wong, of Fuji Xerox

The Manifestation of Vision seminar was a breath of fresh air, an injection of much needed oxygen for the sales force and the management team. We sat mesmerized for two days listening to ideas that were new to us and opened us to see more choices we haven’t seen before. The initiation into the eightfold path of action was like the lifting of a veil. Yossi’s presentation skill is supreme; he was dynamic and highly entertaining. He is a gifted teacher with a unique ability to present complex ideas in conceivable words. Yossi’s work with us is not over; he maintains his commitment to be part of the team and supports the course participants with reminders and reports.

A Story that had Practical Application in All of Our Lives

:: Jerry C. Meyer, of Aegis Living

As you are aware at Aegis we have some incredibly powerful speakers at our annual meetings, but you are among the most impressive we have ever had. It was amazing to all who attended how you could weave a gripping tale of survival in the Amazon, against all odds, into a story that had practical application in all of our lives. Somehow you were able to open up the complexities of the universe with all its wonders and its bounty and demonstrate how it has a positive message that correlates to the most common levels of everyday life.

Makes You Feel that You are Right in the Midst of It

:: Erika Gisser, of Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Australia

Yossi is an amazing story teller. His presentation at a function to Cardiologists during an intensive workshop to improve treatment of heart disease in Australia was one of the highlights of the weekend.
The way he tells his story of survival and describes the details of his and his companion’s plight makes you feel that you are right in the midst of it. I only can recommend Yossi and his ability to capture audiences to anyone who has the need to add the extra and unexpected to a function of any kind.

Many Have Spoken of How They Could ‘Feel’ the Jungle You Described

:: Eugene De Villiers, of The Extra Mile Company Limited

Just a quick note to express my sincere thanks for your contribution at the recent SITEInternational Conference. In our industry we attend conferences so regularly that we become somewhat blase about the content. And within this mind set you were able to meet the delegates at a level not previously touched at a conference, yes you were able to touch their hearts! The feedback I have received thus far as Conference Chair has been overwhelming and many have spoken of how they could ‘feel’ the jungle you described all around them, so real was the impartation of your experience. It is so very gratifying as an organizer to know that by having your participation that we were able to leave an impression on the hearts of most delegates, one that will not be forgotten in years to come. Thank you!

Illustrates that Internal Strength and a Desire to Succeed and in Fact Survive is Inherent

:: Paul Woess, of Schwarzkopf Professional

Thank you for being part of our “Feel the Pulse Business Forum” on the Gold Coast, your presentation was an inspiration to our guests who were captivated by your story of survival in the Amazon. Your delivery of this unique situation had everyone on the edge of their seats. Each of our delegates works diligently to develop business plans and their work situations can sometimes seem like life and death. Your presentation put many of their business problems to the back of their minds. Your story illustrates that internal strength and a desire to succeed and in fact survive is inherent in us all, we only need to tap into our personal resources and we too can overcome any obstacle.

Superb with All Staff Mesmerised by Your Presentation

:: Chris Carr, of Nokia Telecommunications

Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our recent Nokia Day Conference. Your address was perfectly suited to our overall event theme of ‘continuous learning’. Feedback received from the group was outstanding which can only be attributed to your ability to communicate the events you experienced whilst in the Amazon. The storytelling of ‘The Holy Grail’ at the themed dinner was superb with all staff mesmerised by your presentation. In addition, your morning meditation session provided an excellent means of recovery following the festivities of the previous evening. Your contribution to the success of the Nokia Day was significant and for that we are most grateful.

Allows Your Audience to Relate the Content Easily to Their Own Situations

:: Christopher Stenhouse, of Telstra

Thank you again for your involvement in our recent Customer Care conference. Your story and style of delivery was extremely moving and inspiring, as you saw for yourself. You speak in a way that allows your audience to relate the content easily to their own situations, making it all the more powerful an address.

You Certainly had the Audience with You All the Way

:: Sandra Passaro, of Gold Coast Tourism Bureau

On behalf of the Gold Coast Tourism Bureau & the Australian Association of Convention Bureaux (AACB), I would like to thank you for your contribution in making the AACB Gold Coast Conference such a success – you are in a class of your own. As your story is about courage, loss and challenges, it transported the listeners into your experiences, into your awakening. Your delivery was powerful and effective and you certainly had the audience with you all the way, conquered, inspired and enriched.

The Extremely Rare Gift of a Great Storyteller

:: Wendy Hand, of AMP Wealth Management Australia

We would like to express our thanks for the presentation you gave in Vienna for the AMP conference. It’s always a challenge to find speakers of the right caliber for these high profile events. Your story of survival against all odds was both fascinating and challenging. You possess the extremely rare gift of a great storyteller with the ability to create word pictures which capture the imagination of an audience and take them on a journey with you. Your personal survival and the loyalty and persistence of your companion in his efforts to rescue you contain all the elements of a great adventure. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future.

You Inspired Them with the Theme, Content and Delivery of Your Amazing Story

:: Graham Smith, of BOC

Indeed it was our privilege to have you as our guest speaker at our recent conference. The feedback from BOC people was very positive. You inspired them with the theme, content and delivery of your amazing story in the Amazon and even now I hear shouts of “Where is it?” around the business! Thank you so much for helping us deliver a great conference to the business.

Guests were Riveted to Your Story, Understood the Parallels

:: Jeff Kalpak, of Bayer/ Barkley-Kalpak Associates

I just wanted to say THANKS for the incredible presentation you gave in Monte Carlo for the Bayer European Conference. The presentation was amazing—guests were riveted to your story, understood the parallels you drew regarding their own lives, and ultimately came away with a very memorable experience. You are also one of the easiest people to work with I have ever met! Thank you for your flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of event producer! I am especially appreciative of the time you put in to fully understand the specifics of this symposium and audience. I thoroughly enjoyed your book—a perfect compliment to your presentation. I would strongly urge that clients who engage your services consider offering your book to their attendees. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us at this conference.