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Why Humans Will Always Play Better Chess, Even When We Lose – Mike Walsh

We live in a time of exponentially improving machines. First chess, then Space Invaders, go and most recently poker – our games now seem mere taunts in a struggle for supremacy between humanity and AI. Even in losing, however, we may learn something about what makes us special. I watched a fascinating documentary about chess prodigy Magnus…

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Ali Parsa on affordable healthcare, machine learning and the future of data-driven wellness – Mike Walsh

Ali Parsa, founder of Babylon Health, has created an extraordinary platform — an app-based service that cost-effectively connects top GPs with patients via their smartphones, and is the UK’s leading digital healthcare service. Babylon allows its users to book a video consultation with a GP in minutes, or message with a photo to receive an answer for simpler…

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Between Two Worlds Podcast with Chetan Dube – Mike Walsh

Between Two Worlds Podcast with Chetan Dube – Mike Walsh Chetan Dube is the cool math professor you always wished you had at college. Impeccably attired and capable of switching between anecdotes about a childhood spent in New Delhi, Paris and London with deep dive explanations of probabilistic vs deterministic neural networks – he is…

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