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The Promise to Stand for Something – Jason Hewlett

  Celebrities, Entertainers, Hollywood types and Athletes who offer their opinions on political matters are highly criticized and often told to keep their mouths shut.  I am not on their level of celebrity or knowledge, and don’t claim to comprehend enough about politics to make any real difference on that end, and am simply one…

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The Promise United Airlines Never Made – Jason Hewlett

Before passing my own judgments on what occurred with United Airlines and their incredible lack of customer safety, service, and offering of dignity to passengers from the recent debacle, I thought I’d better look it up on their web site first. What does United Airlines truly stand for? What is their Promise to the Customer?…

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A Promise to Self: The One – Jason Hewlett

Tonight a beautiful woman approached me and said, “I’ll never forget the time I heard you speak, it was life-changing.” I thanked her and asked when she’d heard me speak. “It was at Canyon Crest Elementary School when I was in 6th Grade”. I scratched the gray in my beard, grabbed my cane, and hobbled…

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Managers Are Mentors – Jason Hewlett

Are you a Manager, Executive, or Leader in your workplace? If so, Congratulations! Question: How did you get there?   Did you do it alone?  Or did you have some help?  In all likelihood you had a Mentor, or a few Mentors, that recognized something great in you that you didn’t see in yourself.  …

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Oscars Mix Up: The Promise of Being Present – Jason Hewlett

Following the biggest gaffe in Academy Awards history, PricewaterhouseCoopers launched a full investigation into the mix-up of the Best Picture envelope mishap.   (I was so wrapped up in what had happened from a Stage Performer’s perspective that I blogged HERE the night of the incident)   It was revealed there are two of the same…

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The Promise at Home – Jason Hewlett

In speaking on The Promise to corporate attendees, one of the principles is The Family – AKA The Team. We all work as a Team, succeed as champions as a Team, sometimes share the sorrows of loss as the Team. That is why I call it The Family.  Because once you’ve been through so much…

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