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cmi speaker management is a global meeting industry leader.  We expertly represent an international roster of carefully selected speakers who positively impact millions of people through their keynote speeches, books, and thought leadership.

Doing business from the heart and having a service-forward mindset is the only way that works for us. It works for our clients as well. We treat people like family. We’re lightning fast to respond. We’re open and honest. We’re creative and collaborative. And lifting people up is on all of our daily to-do lists.

Our goal is to ensure a connection between empowered senior executives, talented meeting professionals and the absolute best speakers in the business, with the right message for their audience.  The kind of message that affects positive change. Moves people to get next-level results. Empowers organizations to grow and create in new and extraordinary ways.

our story

Our fearless leader, founder and CEO, Karen Harris, is known worldwide for her high level of integrity and tireless work to advance ethical business practices in our industry. She has had a seat on the Board of Governors of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus for the past seven years and formerly held the office of President. She’s passionate about what she does. She’s a driving force for our clients. She’s the one you want in your corner when you’re building your empire.

Our incomparable rock star team is comprised of individuals who want to make a difference. A big one. In the lives of those around us. And they do just that on a daily basis in our high integrity, family-oriented culture. We even throw a whole lot of fun into the mix to keep things interesting and momentum high.  Our fiercely entrepreneurial founder deeply cares about changing the world, and we’ve got her back on that. We’re also over-the-top thrilled to do our part to elevate the lives and businesses of all our clients as well.  Oh, and we get to rub shoulders with ‘near celebrities’ on a regular basis. How’s that for a trifecta of goodness? We love a good win-win-win, don’t you?

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our team

Karen Harris

CEO aka Super Promoter

Rebecca Clark

Client Relations Manager aka the Fairy Godmother

Jess Fortier

Account Manager aka Booking Guru

Dori Weisenberger

Digital Marketing Super Creator

Melissa Freeman

Events Coordinator Guru

Adrienne Albrecht

Accountant Extraordinaire

giving back

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In 2001, our President, Karen Harris, traveled to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. She thought she was going to ‘just climb a mountain’. It turned out to be much more life-changing. She saw abject poverty, children living in cardboard shacks, young men carrying 100 lbs. on their heads up the mountain for $2.00 a day. The thing she discovered?  Regardless of these conditions, she heard the guides and the cooks happily singing while they worked. She was awestruck by how happy they were and witnessed a closeness of community and family that truly touched her heart. When she got home, she vowed to support the people in third world countries who have so much less than we do and yet so much more.

On behalf of each of our speakers, we sponsor a child through various organizations chosen by our Founder, Karen Harris: World Vision, Compassion Canada and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

In addition, each of our team members give back in their own way to a wide variety of organizations and causes. Watch the video below to learn about that.

managed by cmi

Think freedom to be creative. To be expansive. To focus on all those things that YOU do best. Like knocking it out of the park with your keynotes. Like delivering world-class service to your customers. Like having the time to write the book you’ve always wanted to share with the world. To have a LIFE. That’s what you get when cmi manages your business. We take care of the details. The systems. The marketing. The mentoring. The client bases.  The contracts. The works.

We provide a full menu of services to speakers: coaching & mentoring, sales & marketing, calendar management, contracting, invoicing, and event management. Karen hand-picks our speakers. She then focuses on getting to know every detail of what makes them tick – and what makes their businesses excel. Then, when we add you to our fun little family – your bottom line results become our top priority.

It’s the way we roll. And exactly what today’s busy top speakers need.

Here’s what you can count on from cmi:

Connectivity. We’ve cultivated extensive relationships with bureaus, production companies, meeting professionals and corporate executives for over twenty years. In doing so, we’ve earned the reputation of being the premier management agency they can turn to for their keynote speaking needs. Add to that finely-tuned systems, a cracker-jack team of hands-on talented people, a desire to share our speakers’ messages with the world, and you’ve got an extraordinary recipe for through-the-roof sales and a booked speaking schedule!  

Our specialties?  Working with talented speakers eager to better manage their business, streamline their processes and increase their fees or volume. After putting the right tools and systems in place, our new clients generally will see, on average, at least a dozen quality speaking inquiries per month.

First steps:   When you’re ready to partner with a team that can serve your business at the highest possible level, we’ll start by conducting a thorough assessment of your internet presence, books, articles, blog, social media, videos, and media exposure. We never commit to working with a speaker until Karen Harris has met them in person and seen them present at an event. Why? Because the perfect fit is as important to us as it is to our clients. Our job is to make your life, your business, and your ability to grow both your bottom line and as a speaker – all spectacularly easier, with a seamless feel and a confident connection.  

To Begin The Conversation With Us, Please Complete This Form:

"I want to tell you is how happy I am to have found cmi. From the beginning, you developed a relationship with me and worked so hard to help me find the perfect speakers. And you did. They were absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Once we settled on our speakers, then I was well taken care of by cmi staff.

I have worked with many speakers bureaus in the 25 years I have been putting on conferences. cmi stands out as being exceptional. Your selection of speakers, attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to always go the extra mile are what makes cmi my first choice. Thank you and your staff; you are clearly a fantastic team!"

Jean Capon, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

“cmi speaker management was very easy to work with.  They helped us negotiate a speaker fee that fit our budget and framed the presentation to our audience.  Overall, it was a great experience working with their team.”

Sean Tucker, Children's Mercy Hospital

"I could not have built my business without my partnership with cmi. They make my life easier, and most importantly, my client's lives easier."

Mike Walsh

"I sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done for me and our event over the past three years. It’s really great to work with such a great partner in this planning and know that we can turn to your company for superb recommendations!"

Lindsay LaNore, ICBA

“They make my life easier. My business more profitable. My systems stronger. My client engagement higher. cmi is THE team and partner I could not do without!”

Tim Sanders

"The service and communication with the cmi organization was simply outstanding! I look forward to working with the cmi Speakers team again in the future!"

James Lenz, CUES

“I’ve been working with Karen for 2 years and I honestly believe that I have a speaking business because of her and her awesome team. I’m a speaker from South Australia - Karen’s team helped me build such a great speaking career that I just recently relocated my entire family to Los Angeles. Now if that doesn’t speak to cmi’s brilliance I don’t know what will. They are A players. This year I set cmi a goal of 50 events and they far exceeded that. Aside from this what I love most about Karen and her team is that they treat me like family. They care about my well being, they care about my family and they care about my dreams. Thank you cmi for all that you do and thank you Karen for your leadership with your team and also your guidance in my career. Love ya!”

Vinh Giang

“In my opinion Karen Harris is one of the best in the business at Speaker Management. She is highly respected by speaker agents in the US, Canada and Internationally. When Karen calls a speaker’s agency like ours and says she has a great new speaker we sit up and pay full attention. Over the years she has brought us speakers we had never heard of and with Karen’s advice and coaching those speakers have become a major part of our business. cmi under Karen’s leadership has gone from being just a supplier to a great partner in our success.  Wonderful person to work with and brilliant at helping a speaker develop their brand.”

Derek Sweeney, The Sweeney Agency

“Karen Harris and the entire team at CMI have been the perfect partners. They have increased my bookings, built strong relationships with Bureaus, and helped me to shape my marketing and my message! True professionals!”

Ty Bennett

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