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The Future of Work

We love hearing back from our clients when they have a great experience with one of our speakers! This graphic comes from Ciscos recent keynote with Mike Walsh. “It was fantastic meeting you on June 12 at Cisco’s Workplace Transformation Summit. We’ve had a phenomenal response from our customers who were in attendance at this…

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Do You People Watch?

I do. I find it rejuvenating. I was traveling the last 2 days and experienced what a lot of our clients do on a daily basis…travel delays. My outgoing flight was delayed by 4 hours getting me to the hotel around 9pm. On Monday, I was going full tilt from 6am to 6pm (this type…

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Rocketmen, Collaboration, and Legendary Leadership

If you haven’t seen the new biopic Rocketman that chronicles the life, love, and musicianship of Sir Elton John, it’s proving itself to be one heck of a box office hit. Powerful cinematography, extraordinary music, and packed with jaw-dropping performances. In a recent keynote, one of cmi speaker management’s incredibly talented speakers, Jason Hewlett delivered…

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True Innovators Collaborate Outside Their Comfort Zone

“At the reception immediately following our event I saw firsthand the value Tim’s message offers as I witnessed several team members from different departments collaborating on innovative ideas we could use to improve our business offerings to our clients…this was an afternoon that was well worthwhile and I would highly recommend it to others!”  Mike Santarone, CEO, The Stellar Group Learn more…

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