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New Practices CMOs Can Put into Play Today

Mike Walsh knows that being a Chief Marketing Officer is challenging, and you desperately need a new game plan to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of marketing. Mike’s free ebook The 21st Century CMO Playbook provides a “rough sketch of a new kind of marketer. One who, aside from their data fluency, combines a fervent…

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Ty Bennett’s Presentation Tips from Shark Tank

Ty Bennet’s recent blog post uses a light-hearted example to explain some serious sales concepts. Ty suggested in his corresponding video “I believe that your ability to communicate will make you or break you.” His video (and blog post) break down some core communication concepts that we can learn from the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.…

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Robyn and Project Athena in the Huffington Post

As Founder of non-profit Project Athena, Robyn Benincasa inspires hope, perseverance and pushing participants beyond their expectations. A recent story in the Huffington Post shares some of the impact Project Athena has on survivors of major medical setbacks.  Project Athena enables women to participate in life-changing endurance trip. It gives women a goal and helps them…

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Lior Arussy Shares Holiday Productivity Wisdom With Inc.

In a recent Inc. article, Lior Arussy weighed in on team productivity during the holidays. Lior is a recognized expert on customer experience management. His firm Strativity has helped businesses like Mercedes-Benz and FedEx transform their customer experience management. In the article, titled “7 Ways to Maintain Your Team’s Productivity This Holiday Season “, Lior…

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Mike Walsh Gives His Audience an “Advantage”

At Advantage 2014, Mike Walsh taught his audience of 1,400 about the key components for building a high-growth business. Advantage 2014 is the annual conference for Intacct, a cloud financial management company. Mike is no stranger to the industry. As the Founder and CEO of the consumer innovation research lab Tomorrow, he’s extensively studied the…

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Strativity’s Journey Mapping Referenced in Forrester Report

A new independent report mentions Strativity’s expert journey mapping process. Strativity Group is a global customer experience transformation firm led by Lior Arussy, who also speaks on the keynote circuit about customer experience. PRWeb published an article about Strativity Group being listed in the October 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. report, The Seven Steps Of Highly…

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Tim Sanders’ Talk on Leading the Workforce of the Future

This morning Tim Sanders spoke to a group of movers and shakers at the Frost & Sullivan Institute GIL 2014 event. The Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit dedicated to leveraging innovation to address global challenges. FSI’s annual event is a gathering of a global community of growth, innovation, and leadership. Tim Sanders…

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Recording from Dark Horse Hits #2 on Billboard Charts

Robin Crow provided us with the scoop on the latest happenings at his recording studio Dark Horse. The metal band Mastodon tracked, overdubbed, and mixed their most recent album at Dark Horse during the past month. Their latest album Once More ‘Round The Sun is at #12 on the Billboard Charts. In just a few…

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Survival Myths

The following guest blog post was written by Yossi Ghinsberg and is scheduled to be published in the the October/November edition of “The Smart Manager” publication. Iʼm here to bust a few myths about survival. Born in Israel in 1959, my parents were eastern European Jews, surviving the Holocaust and migrating to Israel after World…

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Champion Cary Mullen Interviewed on Star Causes Show

Mary Gardner, host of Star Causes on 810 CBS Sports Radio, interviewed Cary Mullen for the Star Causes radio show. Cary candidly shared some experiences from his journey toward becoming a champion downhill skier. Challenging Choices: Cary’s known for breaking the world downhill skiing record at 97 mph, but he was also a champion Canadian…

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