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Sam Silverstein – Global Guru and Tim Sanders – Inc Magazine Top 100

February 19, 2019, Calgary, AB, Canada: Speakers Sam Silverstein and Tim Sanders, represented by cmi speaker management, earn spots on two top speaker lists, Global Gurus’ World’s Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals for 2019, and Inc. Magazine’s list of Top 100 Leadership Speakers. Business Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein ranked #10 on Global Gurus’ World’s Top…

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2019 Season for Speakers is Off to the Races

January 21, 2019, Calgary, AB, Canada: cmi speaker management shares fast start to 2019 events with spotlight on upcoming keynotes. Event season is off to the races it seems with some of cmi speaker management top keynote speakers taking the stage coast to coast from the Carolinas to California to Vegas and beyond. The year’s…

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Accountability Assessment Tool Bridges Gaps for Company Leaders

August 2018: St. Louis, Missouri. Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant Sam Silverstein breaks the mold for assessment tools in his newest offering for organizational leaders. With precision customization for each client, companies can now better understand the accountability gaps within their organizations that can slow productivity, cost market share, create discord amongst team members, and…

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NEW Book from Sam Silverstein: The Lost Commandments

From Sam Silverstein’s fast-pasted adventure is set first at a major university where a history professor is challenged with a question by an unseen, unknown student in the back of the lecture hall; “What would happen if we had lost half of the great teachings of our time such as the Torah or Bible?” See…

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NEW Book by Sam Silverstein

Accountability isn’t about doing things, it’s a way of thinking – you’re responsible for things and accountable to people. Sam gives an example of a company with customer service in their mission statement, but has notoriously bad customer service. Fixing a problem isn’t accountability, that’s just being responsible. The problems are caused by lack of accountability in the first place. Listen to…

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