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One of The Pitfalls of Success – Ty Bennett

After hours, weeks and years of hard work, it is amazing when that hard work starts to pay off and you start to see success and your goals coming to fruition. But so many fall into a similar trap as they begin to experience some success: a lack of humility. These words from Wynton Marsalis,…

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Plus, Minus and Equal – Ty Bennett

The four-time undefeated MMA champion now MMA trainer, Frank Shamrock, has developed a system for training would-be fighters. I’m not a huge MMA fan – but I think there is a lot of merit to his system. The system is called “+, -, =”. Shamrock’s theory is that in order to be the best, you…

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Giving 100% – Ty Bennett

Do you give 100% at work, at school, and at home? Some people probably think of giving 100% this way: 12% for Monday, 23% for Tuesday, 40% for Wednesday, 20% for Thursday, 5% for Friday = 100%. Too many people coast through life, only doing what is required to get by. Giving 100%, 100% of…

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Accountable to Fire – Sam Silverstein

Fox News let Bill O’Reilly go in the aftermath of harassment allegations. This is a decision to do what’s right, even at a financial cost. Fox News becomes accountable in that decision Accountability doesn’t show up until a tough decision has to be made. Anyone can make the easy decision but when there is money…

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The Little Things Can Make A Big Difference – Ty Bennett

On the slopes of Long’s Peak in Colorado lay the ruins of a gigantic tree. Naturalists tell us that it stood for some 400 years. It was a seedling when Columbus landed at San Salvador, and half grown when the Pilgrims settled at Plymouth. During the course of its long life, it was struck by…

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How Do I Add Value? – Ty Bennett

As a leader, your job is to add value. Your team, your people, your customers, your investors, your friends and your family. Your job is to add value. Here are three questions that will help you do just that. Question 1: Is what I am creating/contributing distinct? Is your contribution different in a significant way?…

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A Promise to Self: The One – Jason Hewlett

Tonight a beautiful woman approached me and said, “I’ll never forget the time I heard you speak, it was life-changing.” I thanked her and asked when she’d heard me speak. “It was at Canyon Crest Elementary School when I was in 6th Grade”. I scratched the gray in my beard, grabbed my cane, and hobbled…

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How Does A Person Become Legendary? – Ty Bennett

I have thought a lot about the word legendary. How would you describe it? When I think about legendary people – they come from all walks of life; they lead families, countries, businesses, movements & religions. They leave their mark. They are legendary. So I developed a set of 5 questions that I am asking…

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Are You Known For Customer Service? – Ty Bennett

My favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-a.  I love it!  I love the chicken, but it’s the service that always leaves me impressed. According to QSR Magazine’s annual drive-thru report, Chick-fil-a is statistically the most polite restaurant chain out there.  According to the report, Chick-fil-A employees said “thank you” in 95.2% of all drive-thru encounters and it…

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Where was your ecosystem made? – Mike Walsh

In this curious time of trade wars, border disputes and national insecurity where something is made has become more important than how it is used. Pity the poor iPhone. Merely ‘Designed in California’, its actual provenance will soon be subject to greater scrutiny. But what if the most valuable part of a company is not…

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