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Dream Big (But It’s Not What You Think) – Ty Bennett

The other day my friend Sandra Joseph, the amazingly talented Broadway star, quoted the poet and philosopher Mark Nepo. Nepo said “Often your dreams don’t come true but as we give our all in pursuit of our dreams sometimes we come true.” As children, we are taught to dream big and to go for our…

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Oscars Mix Up: The Promise of Being Present – Jason Hewlett

Following the biggest gaffe in Academy Awards history, PricewaterhouseCoopers launched a full investigation into the mix-up of the Best Picture envelope mishap.   (I was so wrapped up in what had happened from a Stage Performer’s perspective that I blogged HERE the night of the incident)   It was revealed there are two of the same…

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For many companies the Cloud has changed the way they use software. For a fortunate few, it has completely changed the way they do business. In the last quarter of 2016, Amazon made $3.53 billion in revenue from its Cloud business, up 47 percent from the same time last year. That division now accounts for more…

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Kindness Is A Better Game Plan – Ty Bennett

I could write this from a human decency standpoint and help you to see that we should be kinder to each other and extol the virtues of living this way but I also know that the people who need to read this are thinking what’s in it for me. So let me tell you why…

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People Support What They Help Create – Ty Bennett

One of the key lessons I teach leaders is that – People Support What They Help Create. Our world has changed, and rapidly. Fifteen years ago, if you wanted your voice to be heard, you pretty much only believed it was heard if you held a position of leadership. Social media has changed all that and…

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