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The Promise at Home – Jason Hewlett

In speaking on The Promise to corporate attendees, one of the principles is The Family – AKA The Team. We all work as a Team, succeed as champions as a Team, sometimes share the sorrows of loss as the Team. That is why I call it The Family.  Because once you’ve been through so much…

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The Promise from Prison – Jason Hewlett

Where and how do we spend our time? This past 2 weeks I made literally no money at a couple of gigs, and instead donated a lot of time to speak to people who needed to hear The Promise.  Whether it was a youth group, religious events, educators, family counselors, or even in a place…

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The Promise of Your Best Work – Jason Hewlett

What is your level of care when it comes to your work? The lady who swiped my card at the store today: she’s just doing a job, didn’t even bother to say hello or converse when I tried to engage with her, just looked down and away.  Luckily there was the storefront manager-turned-bagger who walked…

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Engaged Employees Make or Break Your Business – Jason Hewlett

Disengaged and uncommitted employees cause more loss of money to business owners than anything else. I’m not talking about non-engaged employees, they at least keep the lights on…I’m talking about disengaged employees that drive business AWAY! Think of the last time you had a GREAT experience at a restaurant, a theme park, or checking into…

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