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The Promise to Stand for Something – Jason Hewlett

  Celebrities, Entertainers, Hollywood types and Athletes who offer their opinions on political matters are highly criticized and often told to keep their mouths shut.  I am not on their level of celebrity or knowledge, and don’t claim to comprehend enough about politics to make any real difference on that end, and am simply one…

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Dream Big (But It’s Not What You Think) – Ty Bennett

The other day my friend Sandra Joseph, the amazingly talented Broadway star, quoted the poet and philosopher Mark Nepo. Nepo said “Often your dreams don’t come true but as we give our all in pursuit of our dreams sometimes we come true.” As children, we are taught to dream big and to go for our…

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5 Powerfully Simple Presentation Tips – Ty Bennett

1. Get Rid of Pleasantries – There is no need to talk about the weather, how grateful you are to be there, to apologize, or reintroduce yourself. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention so start with a question or jump into your content. 2. Make it Conversational – Act like you…

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How Do I Add Value? – Ty Bennett

As a leader, your job is to add value. Your team, your people, your customers, your investors, your friends and your family. Your job is to add value. Here are three questions that will help you do just that. Question 1: Is what I am creating/contributing distinct? Is your contribution different in a significant way?…

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We Have Hit Peak Tech – Mike Walsh

We Have Hit Peak Tech – Mike Walsh Is slow tech just a cynical status update or is it here to save us? Every year, we are rewarded with a new round of technology upgrades. Faster processors, bigger and brighter screens, better cameras — a bounty that promises more rapid selfies, status updates and streaming entertainments. Forget…

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