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One of The Biggest Keys to Influence & Charisma – Ty Bennett

We all know someone who is charismatic. They have a charm that can inspire devotion in others. My question is: What creates that type of Charisma? What produces that type of presence? One of the biggest keys to influence and charisma is being genuinely happy for other people’s success. When someone achieves something great –…

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Investments Lead To Stories – Ty Bennett

Investments in people lead to stories. And the stories that are told invariably build the influence and reputation of the one doing the investing. Think about it: -When you have exceptional service at a restaurant, what do you do? You tell the story. -When your boss does something extra special for you, what do you…

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It's Not About You – Ty Bennett

It’s not about you – it’s about them! The focus of an influencer is always on the audience. If you are a speaker – it’s about the people listening to you. If you are in sales – it’s about your customer or prospect. If you are a leader – it’s about the people you are…

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