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Dream Big (But It’s Not What You Think) – Ty Bennett

The other day my friend Sandra Joseph, the amazingly talented Broadway star, quoted the poet and philosopher Mark Nepo. Nepo said “Often your dreams don’t come true but as we give our all in pursuit of our dreams sometimes we come true.” As children, we are taught to dream big and to go for our…

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The Lost Art of Handwritten Notes – Ty Bennett

A few weeks ago I was boarding a Delta flight from San Antonio, Texas to Salt Lake City, UT. I am a loyal Delta flyer and am often upgraded to first class as I was on this flight. When I got to my seat I found a handwritten note on my seat with two chocolates.…

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Excerpt From Upcoming MDRT Presentation

Million Dollar Round Table Keynote Teaser: The Power of Storytelling  In financial services you describe some very complex concepts and you use terminology that most people don’t understand – so metaphors are a way to make your information understandable and transferable. I started as an entrepreneur when I was 21 years old. And one of…

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